Monday, March 26, 2012


some recent pieces added to the shop for spring/summer... 

this weather is lending abundant inspiration, moving my hands to try to keep pace with incoming ideas...  as i sit amidst several new projects in various stages of completion! 

white peony.  hand stitched and hand painted textile hanging flower. cotton:

maison haute et ├ętroite.  hand stitched textile / mixed media house. recycled wool, cotton, and burlap; linen; paper:

succulent of the sea. hand stitched textile succulent. japanese linen and seashell:

lilium. hand stitched textile lily wall art.  recycled cashmere and canvas:

medicinal rose.  hand stitched textile rose stem. wool; recycled cotton; antique medicinal bottle:

happy monday

Saturday, March 24, 2012

saturday shopping list, march 24th...

blue & yellow vintage farmhouse table, from jerseyicecreamco

"that's when i saw the old maple
a couple of its thick arms cracked
one arm reclining half rotted
into earth    black with delicious
hospitality of rot to the
littlest creatures

the tree not really dying    living
less widely    green head high
above the other leaf-crowded
trees    a terrible stretch to the sun
just to stay alive    but if you've
liked life    you do it"

~ 'walking in the woods', grace paley

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vintage handwoven southwestern rug, from 5gardenias

beautiful french set of six white enamel canisters, from ruedeslouves

mid century folding chair, from heritagealliance

orange silk blouse, by ellalai

vintage sphere locket necklace. have a ball, by dreamyvintage

milk white creamy pure linen, from uniqueshiny

tribal jewelry. cuff bracelet. boho summer. chevron geometric pattern, by thewhirlwind

triangle silk tee handmade - size s, by kertis

vintage bark canoe : handmade birchbark display canoe, from solsticehome

€119,00 eur 
linen smart long cushion. blue indigo.. night rain / fragments, by affairesnomades

camisole tank vintage crochet yoke silk blue feathers, by waterrose

yuchi mini arrow chevron tribal necklace in coral pink and gold color block, by foudreblanche

happy saturday

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


{ 'it was right there' ; emily and the woods ; facebook ; twitter }

listen. dance. sing. remember. share. 
be inspired.
smile an infectious smile. and spread it like wildfire.

{ '(just another) man in need' ; brother & bones ; facebook ; twitter }

{ 'breaks my heart over coffee' ; hurray for the riff raff ; facebook ; twitter }

happy spring

Saturday, March 17, 2012

saturday shopping list, march 17th...

bon appetit red french country 2 linen towels/ shabby chic kitchen, by ikabags

'the drop and flooding surge'

a golden place, 
once frozen to the winter's depth,  
seeps through. 
and, now, this choking from the
flooding surge.
light spilling through the cracked surface, 
parched from solitary breath.
awakens an organ, in recall of breath, and blood, and beat, 
as if that empty
hole never was;
except in the tiny, quiet space,
of memory's hold.
so tight the grasp, to prepare for inevitable 
and, easily, that liquid gold slips like silk,
held dormant in the unreachable drop.

   { click on the price below each picture to view the listing on etsy, and on the shop names to see what other lovelies you may find!}

massive vintage ww11 red cross flag, from lamanastronaut

summer girls blouse... spring ivory beige cotton top / eco friendly, by maliposha

£149.00 gbp 
grey woodland owl textile art, by misterfinch

bridget organic cotton jersey babydoll hooded puff sleeve bow scarf mini dress, by blacksheepvl

red bathing suit with belt "jean", by 1979swimwear

little white horse, by tangelostudio

red rover - hand etched dyed & oiled leather belt, by lovejules

lamp pendant light made in shabby chic style, by missremaidsweden

bedcover light as a feather and fresh as spring shabby and cottage style, from saffroncoloredpony

vintage brown chemistry bottle. walkers pharmacy. one gallon, from cristinasroom


gold feather pendant long necklace, by redtruckdesigns


size 9 - moped by mohop handmade interchangeable sandals, by mohop

happy saturday (and st. patrick's day!)

Monday, March 12, 2012

home grown...

we have this fantastic, neighborhood restaurant just a few minutes down the road from my house... home grown.  where the produce is grown out back.  where every type of person gathers... visiting for both the delicious comfort food (that also happens to be healthy) and the welcoming atmosphere.  where local art can always be found gracing the walls. and where vintage goods are sold in the makeshift thrift store at the back of the restaurant.

love making my way through after a big breakfast... the thrill of finding sweet treasures. 

this last weekend, clint eastwood and amy adams spent some time enjoying the delights of home grown as well, while filming 'trouble with the curve'...

seems amy adams enjoyed peeking through the vintage goods ;)

last month i found this fantastic vintage pottery planter, with dark gray and teal stripes.  the kind of piece that is just so deliciously perfect.  i know it was just waiting to be paired with the right textile piece!  and, so, this sweet planter inspired this textile succulent, hand stitched from vintage, recycled cotton chenille, with a felted wool blossom.  a wire armature, to allow the succulent to be reshaped in several different ways. finished with real moss and bark...

 this one is going to be difficult to part with

happy monday