Friday, June 5, 2009


off for a weekend road trip with my sister to kentucky, the state where i was born. some visiting time with our 'granny' and aunt 'laine', and a bridal shower for my best friend who is getting married next month

in honor of this trip (and since i will be missing the shopping list tomorrow), i found some lovely images of kentucky on flickr

enjoy this little tour through the bluegrass! i hope to have some pictures of my own to share when i return

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

bread and butter

thirteen images and creations, capturing so many aspects of life, by thirteen different folks... all so lovely individually. together? ... they go together like bread and butter... just scrumptious

and speaking of mouth-watering deliciousness, the photo on the top left hand corner ('fresh homemade butter'), was captured by geninne... a feast of bread and butter she made for her family. here is a link to the organic homemade butter recipe she used, from 'the habit of being' blog. i really must give this a try!