Monday, August 30, 2010

'august close'...

{ click on the links below the captures to see these lovelies on flickr, and to see more work from each inspiring photographer }

'august close'

sweetness of dappled light and humming whisper 
found in the wake of yesterday's cicada song.
soft breezes rush decaying fields.  to clashing gusts 
of affection for the here and there love triangle of the seasons. 

a tangled love. gives birth to galloping august, 
pushed in eastern currents
toward new romance. of vivid color burst forth.  

see color red.  does notos, but fret not, for would 
first sweet autumn winds caress
without this passion of late summer's breath 
pooling moisture in the hollows.

torrents of moisture. roll down as brother winds collide in afternoon
thunder sounds washing above into perfect blue:
a roaring season vanishing into its wake, of autumn's humming whisper.

happy monday

Sunday, August 29, 2010

little love blue, get the look...

a huge congrats to my sis (little love blue), whose beautiful home is todays etsy 'get the look: decor'!

cary's design is always an inspiration to me (well, she is an inspiration to me in many, many ways)

here are a few captures of the loveliness... you can see many more over on her flickr stream

happy sunday

Saturday, August 28, 2010

saturday shopping list - august 28th

purple sash on a straw hat, from otherpeoplesproperty

"... no the first day you think of autumn, when somehow

the sun singling out high windows,
a waiter settling a billow of white cloth
with glasses and silver, and the sparrows
shattering to nowhere are the Summer
waving that here is where it turns
and will no longer be walking with you,..."

~  excerpt from 'end of summer' (via the new yorker ), by james richardson

trio of bottles, by newdominionblues

botanical birds, by lorishippy

crochet thread lot destash, from estatehound

happy saturday

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


such a small world... i just discovered the loveliness of annie & the beekeepers today, and, not an hour later, i randomly stumbled across the fact (in a completely unrelated way) that we share some wonderful friends in common (two of whom are particularly lovely kids who mean a great deal to me).  

continuing to work on the studio space today.  or, at least, i was... i ran out of white paint for the shelves earlier, which was quickly followed by my back giving out.  so, now here i sit.  heating pad behind me. pretty music for my ears...

as you can see, i couldn't wait for paint to begin sorting my lovelies onto the shelves... it's such a help to the creative process to have your own little pretty general store of fabrics and notions.

the lovely stacey winters bird print?  my winnings from a giveaway she had over on her blog.

the other two are framed pieces of vintage wallpaper

happy tuesday

Monday, August 23, 2010

a little time at home...

well, i have so many new projects for the shop floating about in my head... but i felt i needed to concentrate on first putting in a bit of work into the office space.  it's still very much a work in progress, but i did procure various shelving and a fews bits and bobs to send me on my way...

i also made a quick trip to the antique/flea market, hoping to find a few lamps, etc. for the office, but somehow came away with not a lamp in hand?  i did buy the lovely little sailboat model in the picture above, now sitting on my mantle  (i know, completely non office related), for almost nothing... love quirky, unique pieces like this

now, here is an office related purchase, a new little shelf from ikea.  i opted for the super cheap wood brackets, and just gave them a pretty blue coat of paint.  the lovely little banner, a gift from my sis, is by june craft.  it adds such cheer to the room

in order to make the necessary space for the studio (i've converted half of my bedroom into a work space), i had to rearrange a bit... i moved this antique white dresser in to the dining room space, and filled the wall behind with lots of delicious vintage art, plates, baskets, etc. (the pretty non-vintage print on the bottom far right is from lily moon)

another find from the market... this basket is office related, right?  it was just too sweet, and too good of a bargain, to pass up, and i have lots of material to fill it with.  

and speaking of a bargain,  i stumbled across this most fabulous hand crocheted bed spread toward the end of the shopping trip.  when i saw the price tag, and the unbelievable sale price, i quickly dropped several of my intended purchases (yes, some of these were office related) and snatched it right up.  several people stopped to look at it in my arms and note the beauty and amazing price... i had to proudly agree with them ;)

i finally sewed myself a pin cushion as well.  i notoriously stick needles and pins into random objects when i'm working... and then lose them.  so, this should hopefully help.  and it's cute to look at while i work!

tula is enjoying sitting in 'her' new chair next to my desk  ( i found this last month in the 'as is' department at ikea... nothing wrong with it at all, and quite a bit cheaper than the normal price!)

happy monday

Saturday, August 21, 2010

saturday shopping list - august 21st

"august rushes by like desert rainfall,
a flood of frenzied upheaval,
but still catching me unprepared.
like a matchflame
bursting on the scene,
heat and haze of crimson sunsets.
like a dream
of moon and dark barely recalled,
a moment,
shadows caught in a blink.
like a quick kiss;
one wishes for more
but it suddenly turns to leave,
dragging summer away."

~  elizabeth maua taylor

original acrylic painting, by cristinastreasures

girl / boy head pillows, by vintagejane

work smock, by annaallen

yellow girl skirt, by fairophelia

60s red metal tray with colonial design, from kitchentablevintage

iris blouse green, by lesfillesby

tea towel, by downhomeamy

happy saturday

Friday, August 20, 2010

prairie seed...

i think i've made reference, over this summer, to the custom orders which have been keeping my fingers quite busy... well, now i can finally share some images of that work, as well as announce some exciting news!

my sister ( little love blue ) and i have been working on combining our talents in a new shop of handmade and vintage loveliness for weddings... prairie seed.  a delicious combination of old and new... from handmade bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, hair bands, and table settings, to lovely vintage dishes and bits for table settings and decoration, to endless shower and wedding gifts; ranging from vintage gems to handmade tea towels and aprons to soothing lavender sachets...

such fun this new adventure has been!  spending time with my sister as we create and stitch new creations and scour the lands for vintage lovelies.

we've also collected lots of pretty vintage and antique fabric and lace and buttons, to create many new  ready made bridal pieces for the shop

happy friday