Sunday, October 31, 2010


happy day of spooky costumes and candy consuming to all of you!  (and a very happy fifth birthday to my niece)

and, can i just say that i am so, so.... so excited to have my home featured on etsy's 'get the look decor' series today!  i'm such a huge fan and avid reader of this weekly series (and am currently having quite a time trying to resist the loveliness of the shopping finds they've included)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

saturday shopping list - october 23rd

"so still, so sweet! with tender breezes blowing
amongst the hills and o'er the lowland sod,
and golden drifts of dead leaves softly strowing
the seed-graves hollow'd by the hands of god.

so grey and calm!  the crimson glory faded
from this low sky, pale blue and purple barred-
this placid sea, with steel and silver shaded- 
this fair earth, now with autumn furrows scarred.

in the decay such chasten'd beauty blending-
beauty late-born of peace, and hope, and rest,
as in a saintly life when near the ending,
when all its strife and labour has been blest.

the harvest-time is past. but there remaineth
the well-stored treasure-house- the hidden seed
that dead leaves help to nourish, which containeth
the germ of a new life that's life indeed."

~  from 'autumn', by ada cambridge

somewhere between, by theaterclouds

teal enamel pot, from thespicedpear

jackie o pera girls coat, by mindyourmarlos

happy saturday

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


listening to this loveliness, over the sound of my thumb screaming at me in protest against more stitching.  and i just broke the last of my favorite needles.  and i'm feeling a million different distractions as my house calls for me to clean and organize.  and this feeling of restlessness to accomplish something!

 and, instead, i'm eating chocolate.  and listening.  
and am happy i can recognize the silliness of all the other things...  and enjoy the simpleness of such a day.

happy wednesday

Saturday, October 16, 2010

saturday shopping list - october 16th

 8 tiny prints, by ruttie

"the seine flows out of the mist
and into the mist again;
the trees lean over the water,
the small leaves fall like rain.

the leaves fall patiently
nothing remembers or grieves
the river takes to the sea
the yellow drift of leaves.

milky and cold is the air,
the leaves float with the stream,
the river comes out of sleep 
and goes away in a dream."

~   sara teasdale

primitive wood bowls, from sevenbc

vintage 8 dessert plates, from redtruckdesigns

victorian lady with hat, by jacksredbarn

 collection of vintage pots, from restlessgeneralstore

vintage bohemian traveler purse, from purpledeervintage

happy saturday

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

busy, busy...

i'm realizing that my posting here on the blog has been a bit thin recently... but, this has been the result of much stitching, which means many more shop updates over the coming weeks!

there will be textile succulents, and nests, and ornaments, and mixed media pieces... as well as these new textile orchids, which are giving me much joy to create!  and now that  i've found these delicious vintage japanese kimono fabrics, from the 1950's, i must confess that i see this busy stitching continuing for the foreseeable future...  or at least as long as my fingers hold out

happy wednesday

Saturday, October 9, 2010

saturday shopping list - october 9th

"i have come to a still, but not a deep center,
a point outside the glittering current;
my eyes stare at the bottom of a river,
at the irregular stones, iridescent sandgrains,
my mind moves in more than one place,
in a country half-land, half-water.
i am renewed by death, thought of my death,
the dry scent of a dying garden in september,
the wind fanning the ash of a low fire.
what i love is near at hand,
always, in earth and air."

~ theodore roethke, 'the far field'

p.s. i had to buy one of those 'i heart coffee' prints by michelemaule... because i really do heart coffee in a passionate way.  is it bad that my first thought in the morning, the one which pulls me from my bed, is usually of my french press?  are my priorities off in some way?

happy saturday

Saturday, October 2, 2010

saturday shopping list - october 2nd

"the fallen leaves, with which the ground was strewn, gave forth a pleasant fragrance, and subduing all harsh sounds of distant feet and wheels, created a repose in gentle unison with the light scattering of seed hither and tither by the distant husbandman, and with the noiseless passage of the plough as it turned up the rich brown earth, and wrought a graceful pattern in the stubbled fields.  on the motionless branches of some tress, autumn berries hung like clusters of coral beads, as in those fabled orchards where the fruits were jewels..."

~  charles dickens (excerpt from ' the life and adventures of martin chuzzlewit')

violina, by handmademylove

happy saturday