Thursday, July 14, 2016


I've been redecorating (and decluttering) my bedroom, and needed a few pieces to tie this one corner together... a lot of the pieces in my room are vintage or antique, so I wanted a few pieces with more modern, clean, bright lines.

Really enjoying the new pieces that I decided on, from LUX! The app is beautifully curated, with free shipping (which is always a YES)


I decided on the white 'oh chair,' first, which is such a great, versatile piece (this one would work great in my studio, as well!). I added the navy, wool pashmina scarf, which I bought in New York, back when I lived in Brooklyn. 

Next up, the wall space...

**(make sure to scroll to the end of the post, for a LUX discount code!)

Fell in love with these copper plated, three dimensional picture frames (leaving the photos with this great, floating effect).  I've had some prints for a while now, and hand't been able to find frames that would fit the square size, but these work perfectly... and the space around the prints highlights the beautiful copper lines, on the back of the frames.

Finally, the perfect finish... these sweet little hanging planters, to accommodate my ever growing succulent (and succulent propagation) addiction!

LUX has generously offered a 25% discount code, on all orders over $40, to my followers! 


You can download the LUX app here (if you haven't already!)


Hope everyone is having an amazing summer, so far... I'll be sharing some new work and new adventures soon!