Sunday, February 28, 2010

progression of a flower...

sunday thoughts  ~ sculpture pieced together, twisting strands of thought, mental images, pulled through needle, stitched from memory... 

thinking today, as i complete this sculpture in fabric inspired by the daffodil, of the parallel between nature and art

 in nature, a flower bears seed, scattered by wind; reaching deep within the earth, grabbing hold and blossoming anew to the light, preparing to continue the cycle.

but, can the same not be said for the creativity of the mind and the resulting construction of art?  instead of sun, water, and soil, we use thoughts, dreams, tools, and hands to create.  inspiration harvested from the scattered seeds of those who created before us... built upon centuries of ideas and work, cultivating for new growth in the centuries to come

we hold onto these individual treasures for as long as we can.  in nature and in art this may last for days or for generations.  but ideas passed on can live forever... ideas waiting to plant themselves and give life to something new

Saturday, February 27, 2010

saturday shopping list - february 27th

escape fine art print, by alisontyne

i've never seen dreaming as a reflection of unhappiness, but as an exploration into the unused spaces of the mind... the discovering of portals into unknown worlds

here's to undiscovered dreams of miniature worlds, far reaching lands, soaring through winds, circus tumbling in the sky, fingertips touching endless fields of wildflowers, ... and to capturing a piece of the wild, and bringing it home to your reality

red cedar mixed media, by corikindred

mermaid desk topper, by monkeyandsquirrel

fluttering away print, by sarahblank

baboon fine art print, by sharonmontrose

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happy weekend!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

inspiration on a thursday...

feeling a bit under the weather today, and, therefore, a bit quiet... enjoying some rest, reading, and bit of sewing.  so, today i will share an abundance of visual inspiration on which to feast, courtesy of australian photographer, sharyn cairns

p.s. this last image of the bed on the beach?  "i want to go to there"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

new work in progress...

busily stitching away on a new piece (and new design)... a flower bulb, with stem, roots, and bloom

the bulb is nearly complete... next step is to finish stitching and filling the stem with wool, and then on to sewing and attaching the petals.  this takes a bit of time, as each stitch is completed by hand, with needle and thread, but i hope to have this one completed and ready for listing within the next few days

really enjoying working on this one.  the colors of the wool are so delicious, with a wonderfully soft texture (the brown wool of the bulb is from purl).  still deciding between an embroidered linen or a vintage floral cotton for the petals... ahhh, decisions ;)

Monday, February 22, 2010

small moments, forever treasures...

"you must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment."  ~ henry david thoreau

now, i will happily admit to finding joy in reminiscing over the pleasant memories, dreaming of adventures to come... but, there is equal joy to be found in letting the present envelop you, feeling alive in each molecule of your being in a single moment, breathing deep and joyfully laughing at the surprising nature of the world around you

spent a lovely day at the zoo with my niece and nephew this weekend, followed by a pancake dinner, and completed with a sleepover and bagels for breakfast.  oh, how could i have left my camera behind, missing the capture of small moments at the zoo?  yet, how many small moments in these adventures will forever be captured in that little camera of the mind... stored away for instant recall, perusal, laughs, and smiles whenever i want.  it is sometimes so refreshing just to put the camera down for a day and simply live in the moments, basking in the now

that being said, i do so appreciate peeking through the window, into a world of moments i never lived, never saw... seeing into the mind of others, enjoying their little moments, captured forever for all to share.  an endless possibility of interpretation, sparking smiles and giggles and our own memories of the mind

here is a collection of beautiful flickr captures of small moments and forever treasures... click on the links under each picture to see the photography on flickr and to see each photographers vast array of beautiful images

Sunday, February 21, 2010


new textile mixed media, 'rose', currently featured on craftgawker

your yesterday and tomorrow...

sunday thoughts ~ jet trails sailing across the blue, melting into tomorrow... an imprint of the journey, a path to follow home 

 light reaching, catching the passing time, the dwelling place, the changing skin.... caressing and pulling away once more, bearing pieces into the streaming air, scattering to form the earth below

fragments of you, your life, your past... so far from my reach, so completely unknown to me, yet here i bathe in you, breath filled with your memory, feet walking on your yesterday... 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

saturday shopping list - february 20th

"memory is a complicated thing, a relative to truth, but not its twin."  ~ barbara kingsolver

alida print, by tushtush

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happy weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

inspiration on a thursday...

"a ruffled mind makes a restless pillow" ~ charlotte brontë

in need of some serious bedroom inspiration, for my bedroom has fallen flat... well, i haven't really put much work into it since moving in.  i have a few great vintage pieces... an antique green iron bed, my grandfather's old war trunk, a vintage 1940's dresser, a 1920's dressing table, but i need to pull them all together with a bit of color.  and, oh, the walls!  they are as bare as can be... they are crying out for pictures, art, shelves of books

so, today i thought i would share a few inspiring bedroom photos, as i begin the decorating journey for this room. this is an eclectic grouping of beautiful bedroom designs... and, since i am an eclectic type of girl, i hope to take bits of inspiration from each to create my own design and style

(via loveology)

(via casasugar)

(via decorpad)

(via skona hem)

i've been hanging some images, dried flowers, vintage pieces, etc. on twine in order to throw a bit of color onto the walls for the present and to give me inspiration for where i want to take my design

i really want to paint the dresser (currently white with glass knobs) a luscious shade of blue/gray... finding the exact color i desire always takes a bit of time

and new bed linens always help spruce up a room... i thinks something with a nice print will pair well with the iron bed

well, for now i'm off to complete more mundane tasks like laundry :(