Wednesday, March 31, 2010

whilst i wait...

hmmm, sorry for the lack of posting this past week.  

how long i've been waiting for, anticipating, the start of spring.  spring's promise arrived, but now it seems that i'm turning round and round to find pieces in a state of waiting all around me... pots waiting for flowers, flowers waiting for pots, both waiting for soil.  newly bared toes waiting for a bit of polish, bits of home waiting for spring renewal.  

mother nature will not wait.  the light flies through the window, the bird's call and spring breeze are carried through the open door.  the world goes on around me whilst i wait.  

i should wait no more, but dig my fingers into the soil... carry on with the world and let the world wash down upon me... whatever it may bring

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


well, i found another poem, sorting through my stack of written word from my high school days, which seemed to capture the mood of this collection of flickr lovelies... so, i thought i would share another with this week's set.  this was one scribbled out of piece of notebook paper... i have such terrible penmanship anyway, so it took a bit of deciphering on the first read through!


"do you hear the words, or the feelings locked inside them?
can you hear the meanings?
is this my voice or only a harsh sound?

memory's voice tastes of meaning's warmth or cold

a fire providing heat and tranquility

fostering destruction

burning out with the breath of closed ears

can you hear only this silence?
still, can you not feel the heavy truth behind?

the truth of fighting freedom flight

can you hear the frustrations that cry out so loud to be heard. 
to be remembered. reborn?
or do you settle for the quiet words of expectation which seem to drown out all others

(click on the links below the captures to see each lovely picture on flickr and to see more work by these inspiring photographers)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

saturday shopping list - march 20th

"to whom it may concern.
it is springtime.
it is late afternoon." 
 ~ kurt vonnegut

bustier panel jumpsuit, by nasiyareid

bird pedestal mugs, from youareyou

vintage mechanical alarm clock, from clockworkuniverse

not fun being sick on such a truly gorgeous spring day, but at least i can throw open the doors and windows as i curl up in misery on the couch ;)

happy weekend and happy spring!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

inspiration on a thursday...

(as i didn't get around to sharing flickr lovelies on monday, i thought that i would instead use them for today's inspiration on a thursday!)

while sorting through some paperwork, i stumbled across a stack of old poetry, written during my high school days... many for classes, others scribbled out on notebook paper in a rush of thought

how nice to explore memories captured in written word... recalled moments of time, which may never have been otherwise pulled from the recesses of my memory

one piece captured moments from my early childhood...
the pleasant memories, shared with my sister, which pulled me through those days... the pieces i chose to hold on to and peruse, while others were better scattered away through time

" the soft cool touch of the peach carried us down juanita;
victory was the sweetest taste of all

stealing behind the comfort of heavy bush,
we slithered by the gates threatening grip.
we then would make a break for the safety of the yard.
hyper barks nipped at my feet

the morning sun turned my attention across the street;
there our neighbor stood with a warm smile shining back.
'hello, mrs. biancha.' with a cold stare, she hissed her name was bianchee.
'goodbye, mrs. bianchee.' she pleasantly informed me it was biancha

the laughter of summer freedom, carried in the warm santa ana's,
drifted with the barbecue aroma into our backyard.
it gave me a gentle nudge into our pool,
and the jumping contest we played in the warm sun

and there was cowboy, sneaking into the competition;
pretending a faint in the heat of the afternoon.
or maybe it was a slip on the wet, warm concrete,
and he 'accidentally' fell in to the cool water

i climbed out of the pool, and into our grapevines;
there the towering, green bike stood.
i would sit on the banana seat and dream adventures
of first bike rides, and scraped up knees that came along for the ride

i would feel tall and old,
just like the willow trees
that held so many of our games,
over-dramatic scenes, and boxing glories

the breeze often whipped through those trees, and swayed the swing 
where i drifted into the calmness of the summer night."

(click on the links below each picture to visit the flickr captures, along with more work from each inspiring photographer)

my sis and i 

Monday, March 15, 2010

front page...

congrats to the sellers in this week's treasury, which made the front page last night... while normally my saturday shopping list inspires my treasuries, this week my treasury inspired my saturday shopping list!  you can find many of these sellers in yesterday's shopping list post...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

saturday shopping list - march 13th

"i found i could say things with color and shapes that i couldn't say any other way - things i had no words for."  ~  georgia o'keeffe

paris, by ruthshively

rich teal aztec sun full skirt, from capricioustraveler

happy spring banner, by junecraft

craspedia cluster, by floresdelsol

jump sewn painting, by tastesorangey

grab bag air plants, by tortoiselovesdonkey

and, head over to cary's blog (littleloveblue) for a chance to win this incredible cake topper from the enchanted cupboard!  you have until tuesday, the 16th, to enter... good luck, and happy partying!

p.s ... congrats to those sellers from last week's saturday shopping list for making the front page of etsy (and thanks for giving me the inspiration for this treasury)!

happy weekend!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

inspiration on a thursday...

design around the world

first up, the captivating, primitive style pen and ink drawings from brooklyn based artist, elisabeth timpone (you can read an interview from the artist here)

and, from japan, comes the work of motoi yamamoto and his 'salt' installation series 

as part of yamamoto's 'returned to sea, project', the salt from each installation is returned to the ocean after the finish of each exhibition... you can check out all of the amazing images on the website (click on the 'project' link, and then 'all images') of people around the globe gathering the salt and returning it to the sea

and, finally, here is a sampling of the beautiful works of sculptural art (which also function as bookcases) from korean artist shawn soh

hope you're inspired today!