Thursday, January 26, 2012


douglas dare was nice enough to send me the link to his brand new video, a live recording of 'london's rose' >>> how happy i am that he did.  this is just the music which makes me both eager and excited to share...

such beauty in the voice, the song, and (maybe even most powerfully) the emotion behind the words.  a soul-piercing, breath-taking, giving performance.  and the setting is perfect.  simple and haunting.

there seems to be this fluctuating dance between the piano and the voice.  at times a quiet, harmonious sway... only to build to an emotional, push and pull struggle.  a battle of wills.  both equally beautiful.

happy thursday

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


just love the stories created by these pillow portraits (by swarm, for anthropologie) >>> such soul, with narratives on the back to give voice to each character...

pillow photography by pia jane bijkerk

prefer to carry your art?  how about these fabulous bags and clutches >>> love the use of the oil paintings on the clutches and of the vintage linens and metal embroidery hoop used to construct the last bag pictured...

visit swarm for more lovelies and details

happy wednesday

Monday, January 23, 2012

this week at home...

a few photos from home this week... and, yes, i've switched every room in the house around.  the living room is the bedroom... the bedroom is the office... the office is the living room.  exhausting.

this move was initiated by a morning in which i awoke with a sudden, fevered (and was also literally feverishly sick at the time) desire to change everything about.  after two crazy hours of moving all of the furniture from room to room... tada! fortunately, it turned out that i was pleased with the end result.  for now.

the beautiful pillow my mom made for me, as a christmas gift this year...

speaking of christmas gifts... the gorgeous 'tree of life' that my sister designed and hand stitched...

happy monday

Sunday, January 22, 2012

feminine and self assured...

colenimo - ss / 11

i never tire of these simply light, airy, romantic, and classic styles... this is why they fall under the category of timeless, i suppose.  pieces which make you feel both sexy and laid back.  feminine and self-assured.  ready to romp through any forest... wade barefoot through the streams... curl up in the branches of a favorite tree...

tousled hair pulled back, with a sunhat for the afternoon... a light tinted moisturizer for the lips. done. 
oh, how i'm longing for spring!


some of the beautiful looks of colenimo, always inspired by moments in the past... including last summer's late-1920's inspired line, and this season's "paper moon" inspired look of the 1930's...

colenimo - ss /11

colenimo - ss / 11

colenimo - ss / 12

or the delicate looks of chloé, by creative director clare waight keller - "i looked at festival girls, girls on the street, and david bailey's photos of marie helvin and angelica huston on a beach," says keller. "there's a sense of feminine complicity, sensitivity, and sunniness in this collection."...

chloé - summer 2012 

chloé - spring 2012

chloé - summer 2012

and i can't get enough of this tunic, from toujours toi and family affairs - ".. wear the scotland tunic over wool, navy stockings and wellies to take a walk across scotland's misty moors, wishing on a star beneath an endless night..."...

scotland tunic, toujours toi and family affairs

a collection of a few simple, comfortable, sturdy, and romantic accessories...

1) pointelle fringe booties, anthropologie ; 2) grand firmament necklace, anthropologie ; 3) ursula hat, minimarket:$81 ; 4) araks antonia bralette, anaïse ; 5) hansel from basel silk thigh highs, anaïse 

and who does this style better than steven alan? - "casual, smart, self-assured essentials"

doyle dress, steven alan

and, finally, my favorite 'go-to' item... the long, skim-the-floor, flowing skirt. done perfectly here by cabbages & roses...

stripe slouch top and palace skirt, cabbages & roses

happy sunday

Saturday, January 21, 2012

saturday shopping list, january 21st...

cypress eco wedding gown. cut out low back with straps, by abstractpretty

"the stormy evening closes now in vain,
loud wails the wind and beats the driving rain,
while here in sheltered house
with fire-ypainted walls,
i hear the wind abroad,
i hark the calling squalls -
'blow, blow,' i cry, 'you burst your cheeks in vain!
blow, blow,' i cry, 'my love is home again!'

yon ship you chase perchance but yesternight
bore still the precious freight of my delight,
that here in sheltered house
with fire-ypainted walls,
now hears the wind abroad,
now harks the calling squalls.
'blow, blow,' i cry, 'in vain you rouse the sea,
my rescued sailor shares the fire with me!'"

~  'the stormy evening closes now in...', by robert louis stevenson

   { click on the price below each picture to view the listing on etsy, and on the shop names to see what other lovelies you may find!}

mid century crown kerman persian area rug, from oldnewhouse

updated/upcycled pea coat with high collar and color blocking, by heidala

vintage 70s metallic india guaze tent dress, from raggedythreads

nixie garden loungerie guardhers garter belt, by undertheroot

the firefly chandelier made of handwoven african beer strainers, by chocolatenegrodesign

deerman the white deer head wall mount. 8 point, by mahzerandvee

€30,00 eur 
80s white front pleat nautical tapered pants s/m, from maryikavintage

snowy owl leather mask. child size, by sundriesandplunder

$110 cad 
fine wool onesie, by sartoria

glass terrarium wardian case, from plainandelegant

sale dress black lace dress, by wrytheshop

the beginners cowl hand knit in charcoal wool blend, by rememberaday

happy saturday