Sunday, June 26, 2011

shop update...

just listed some of the new textile rose stems in both the winsomehollow and prairieseed shops...

hand stitched and hand painted, using recycled cottons and felted wool

happy sunday

Saturday, June 25, 2011

saturday shopping list - june 25th...


this little light of mine - photography art, by honeytree

"i used to imagine him
coming from the house, like merlin
strolling with important gestures
through the garden
where everything grows so thickly,
where birds sing, little snakes lie
on the boughs, thinking of nothing
but their own good lives,
where petals float upward,
their color exploding,
and trees open their moist 
pages of thunder - 
it has happened every summer for years.

but now i know more
about the great wheel of growth,
and decay, and rebirth,
and know my vision for a falsehood.
now i seed him coming form the house -
i see him on his knees,
cutting away the diseases, the superfluous,
coaxing the new,
knowing that the hour of fulfillment
is buries in years of patience -
yet willing to labor like that
on the mortal wheel.

oh, what good it does the heart
to know it isn't magic!
like the human child i am
i rush to imitate -
i watch him as he bends
among the leaves and vines
to hook some weed or other;
i think of him there
raking and trimming, stirring up
those sheets of fire
between the smothering weights of earth,
the wild and shapeless air."

~  'stanley kunitz',  by mary oliver

{ click on the price below each picture to view the listing on etsy, and on the shop names to see what other lovelies you may find!}


sand - cotton scarf, by dearjuneshop


rose hips peekaboo ohhh lulu ruffle bloomers, by ohhhlulu


huge antique vintage french skeleton key to my heart, from arctidassupplies


 ivory vintage adult long tutu skirt, by studiowedbymirela


fern wine glasses -- set of 2, by marywibis


blossoms belt, by mignonnehandmade


double flower garden crown, by littlehoneypies


skyway mint green suitcase - 1940s, from mirandas31


dawn sharp custom silk charmouse full length gown, by dawnsharp


stoneware dove facing right, by andersenstudio


adjustable crochet summer straw sun hat, by beliz82


the bohemian top, by onelovebird


toddler play shorts size 3, by lovelierseas

happy saturday

Friday, June 24, 2011


three more beautiful listens on a friday.  

as i continue the always stressful task of packing up my house (in prep for yet another move in a few weeks),  i find myself once again turning to a few of the true loves in my life... coffee and good music. and coffee.

i've been alternating back and forth between stitching custom orders and packing boxes and running around like a crazy person.  and constantly on the verge of tossing the rest of my belongings out the window and calling it done.  

a week of finding myself so distracted and forgetful that i actually made three trips to the same store yesterday, each time making it all the way home before realizing i'd failed to yet again buy everything i needed (i just gave up after trip three).  the cashier's look, by trip three, screamed 'crazy woman!'.  agreed, cashier woman... i have indeed been touched with the crazies this week (or maybe just in general).  i think it's time for some f.u.n. this weekend. 

happy friday

Sunday, June 19, 2011


the depth feels what it is to
move. quiver upon quiver. as the rising warmth plays
'round the morning chill, 
mingling to unconsciously bend the spine.  

petal upon petal falls away

and flower and dew wade through this dance of new touch.

how the sweet beads of clear moisture curl, one into the next,
until the beginning and end cease to exist 
to the senses. in a rose hued
reflection upon itself.

this sugar coating of 
droplets sustains the moment in endless grasp, 
as the once protected heart of bloom 
learns what it is to taste.

to taste 'til time catches up to pull the center, to carry away,
into the tangled pile of aroma, tenderly schooling
the air in perfect scent.

petal upon petal of earth to grow

~  ' opening'

words i wrote a while ago... words which seemed to fit with the images of the textile roses i've been working on the last few days


happy sunday

Saturday, June 18, 2011

saturday shopping list - june 18th...


dusty rose silk muse dress, by lemuse

"liza, go steep your long white hands
in the cool waters of that spring
which bubbles up through shiny sands
the colour of a wild-dove's wing.

dabble your hands, and steep them well
until those nails are pearly white
now rosier than a laurel bell;
then come to me at candlelight.

lay your cold hands across by brows,
and i shall sleep, and i shall dream
of silver-pointed willow boughs
dipping their fingers in a stream."

~   'spring pastoral', by elinor wylie

{ click on the price below each picture to view the listing on etsy, and on the shop names to see what other lovelies you may find!}


black and white carved porcelain pendant lamp, by isabelleabramson


sleepwear overbust and pants, by poplinhomewear


hand crafted fabric on cedar frame canoe, by tidalcraft


wonderland princess - wild berries wire crown, by zazuljaa


 flirty fun yellow vintage floral print dress, by rowanjoy


mountain view smoky mountains graphic art canvas collage, by nativevermont

$36 AUD 

bamboo/cotton/spandex jersey and velvet bralette, by hopeless


spring linen wall art, by bookhouathome


girls print tank, by leahgoren


organic cotton baby blanket, by avisaorganics


woodland maiden camisole top made to order, by undertheroot


vintage 1930's oleacea pale ivory flapper tap pants with lilac lace trim, from fanciness


chaise lounge, by namedesignstudio

happy saturday

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


three more lovely listens for this week... carrying me through a pile of work, on this stormy georgia night

happy wednesday

Monday, June 13, 2011

summer flowers...

my house is slowly beginning to fill up with flowers, as i work on summer custom orders... enjoying them before they head off to new homes

happy monday

Saturday, June 11, 2011

the house within...

a new original, mixed media piece just added to the shop... 'the house within'.  a combination of watercolour,  oil pastels, acrylic paints, and wool fiber on canvas

happy saturday

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


the beautiful stylings of toast.  these photos seem to adequately sum up the perfect summer... i'm ready to dive right in and picnic, and frolic, and splash, and bike, and meander down the lovely avenues

a little about their fashion:


Our design and technical teams work together closely and tirelessly, and without compromise, to ensure that our products are constructed from high quality raw materials (often from UK sources) and using construction details which will ensure longevity. The design phase is followed by thorough auditing of the production process to ensure production compliance with our high standards and corrective action when occasionally problems arise.
All this makes for a product which is well designed and durable and will last much longer than cheap high street versions. It is better for the world and for you that they do." 

happy wednesday