Thursday, August 30, 2012


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this listening post is (quite accidentally) canadian themed today.  there should, perhaps, be an 'eh?' at the end of that sentence?  my mom actually grew up in ontario, cananda, but i'm afraid she didn't impart a lot of her knowledge of canadian slang to us (or maybe i didn't listen)...

first up:
'your rocky spine', from great lake swimmers (also from ontario)... my summer playlists have had a very intimate relationship with this song.

and a new favorite: 'the river', from the modern grass (who hail from nova scotia)

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happy thursday

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


a new sailboat in full bloom, 'talisman', just added to the shop...

hand stitched from recycled and new textiles:  linen, cotton, midcentury kimono silk, burlap.

with three little seashells hanging on the end... a talisman to guide the boat home.

happy tuesday

Saturday, August 25, 2012

saturday shopping list, august 25th...

 flower print frock, by annaallen

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£20.00 gbp
 feather headband, by rougepony

 baby booties. leather soles. recycled. sounds of rain, by woolybaby

 brand new chesterfield sofa in pavo velvet, by cococohome

 ady- made to order, by yellowfield7

 bridesmaid dress. powder pink dress, by layoudesign

 the gypsy musician, by onceinakodakmoment

 steampunk lace collar black bib necklace with silver chain, by amorouscatsattic

 full moon. handmade pendant necklace. oxidized sterling silver chain, by renataandjonathan

 vintage luxo l-1 angelpoise drafting lamp with clamp, from whatsnewonthemantel

 antique mirror hand carved wood wedding decor, from littleredpolkadots

off-white cropped bamboo jersey kimono top / jacket with popper closure, by vietto

happy saturday

Thursday, August 16, 2012


{ 'four bulbs' ; admiral fallow ; facebook ; twitter }

"and i wake to the wail.
like moan of a bus as it groans to a standstill,
around the block from the place that i'll leave soon;
four bulbs later, bulbs from the lamp that my dad bought me.

so i'll hit the ground running and tear up the streets.
but complain about my face and the pain in my feet,
as i notch up another year until we're all past it.
and the noose around my neck's tightened too much to take."

{ 'hey love' ; miner ; facebook ; twitter }

"we've lost our way, led love astray
your window shakes; the wind can wait
fallen off the ledge
did you leave me for dead?
fell right off of the ledge
will i find you again, love?

hold up your hands if you hear me
i'm coming honey
hold on, hold on
lift up the sun with your love
i've been laying low
so long, so long

these tangled shapes; our hearts can take
your window breaks; our garden fades
still, the wind when it blows
i can hear, i can hear it you know
i know time's movin slow
but if you wait, it can save what you love
and i know that it's you"

happy thursday

Saturday, August 11, 2012

saturday shopping list, august 11th...

£85.00 gbp
linen stripe dress, by edithandbertha

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nature photography. print. clouds. sky, by catamountdigital

alas poor yorick - grey renaissance mens costume blouse from convent garden royal opera, from magpiesshop

landscape, by nathalieetcetera

£75.00 gbp
shabby chic chair with curved wood arms and velvet seat pad, from inpiritvintage

chevron necklace geometric, by fleamarketgal

windy day photography hair blowing, by victoriaenglishcharm

£195.00 gbp
leading horse blur, by petekelly

£120.00 gbp
linen extra long dress in black, by knockknocklinen

laced up sand leather moccasins size 8, by ravenmountain

mortar and pestle - vintage victorian grey marble, from thevintageparlor

oversize woven women shirt. black blouse, by ciporkin

happy saturday

Saturday, August 4, 2012

saturday shopping list, august 4th...

 ethereal portrait marie 5 x 5 photograph - romantic, by ellemoss

 { click on the price below each picture to view the listing on etsy, and on the shop names to see what other lovelies you may find!}      

 soft florals from romance, by babycakedesigns

 begonia dress, by kelseygenna

 lonely lonely lonely card. i miss you card, by moiselleeve

 gray linen whale/ soft sculpture, by adatine

time wasting experiment 0029, by provax

 blue cotton summer dress. shirt dress. cotton dress, by naftul

 canadian rockies photography print 8 x 10, by wildwildnernessphotos

zł50,00 pln
 hand printed linen pillow cover, by kokomomade

 extra wide pure linen fabric - grey sand, from linencrafts

girl with bun - pocket mirror, by depeapa

textured porcelain pitcher, by lauriegceramics

the science of missing you 8 x 10 fine art print, by stasiab

happy saturday