Monday, June 28, 2010

'tenure of trepidation'...

{ click on the links below the captures to see these lovelies on flickr, and to see more work from each inspiring photographer }

'tenure of trepidation'

take me away from this place of hesitation.

 a fevered tenure of immovable fingers and limbs tightly wound around the organs, pulsing the very blood it feeds upon.  uproot me by the toes to wrench away that fear, for how it clutches to the familiarity.


can it be that such a weakness conjures this determined strength?
the voice with which i call must resonate internally for your hearing, however lost it may become in travels to my lips.

"let go",

a shouted plea in the very moment my eyes happen upon the hands in startled realization.


it was never you, dear friend, dear enemy, but always me.   how easily the mind forgets the process and mechanics, simple signal to the muscles... an opening of the fingers to let the diffidence slip through.

yes, i know,

as a mother to her egg, so too i guard this trepidation.
caressing, feeding, nurturing that harborer of self inflicted pain.   
continually searching for a crevice for careful footing.  

can i fly

into the rock, simply to feel the ricocheted flight into no man's land.   there are no wings to guide the way back here, to that trembling granite of intimidation.

take me away from this place of hesitation  
let go    
yes, i know  
can i fly?

we'll never know until that wind whistles beneath.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

saturday shopping list - june 26th

"humor is the great thing, the saving thing.  the minute it crops up, all our irritation and resentments slip away, and a sunny spirit takes their place."   ~   mark twain

oh, look at this... a 'saturday shopping list' on a saturday.  that is a first for this month.  

hope everyone is having a bit  cooler weather than what we are seeing here in georgia this month.  

you would think after all these years of living with the humidity, over here on the eastern side of the states, that my body would have made some progression in tolerance for the soupy air.  but, alas, i think growing up in the dry (albeit hot) climate of california has ruined me for life.  (and i grew up in a desert town, where summer temps averaged 98 degrees, and most days saw temps well into the 100's, with heat waves of 115 degrees)

days like these make me feel like a slug baking on the heat of the cement sidewalk... unable to move fast enough to ever find a cooler spot!  that isn't quite true, however.  i did enjoy a nice refreshing swim last night, and was greeted by a bit of cooler air on the way out.  and next week!! i will be lying in the salty water... it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it  (thanks debby and larry!!)

open back tshirt, by jenfashion

feather print, by newduds

yellow doily earrings, by bluefishhandmade

happy weekend

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

waking dreams...

oh, the magic captured by photographer tim walker... no relation (well, as far as i know anyway)

it is as if he reaches a white glove into the recesses of our collective imagination, rooting around for every last morsel... those detailed bits that so vividly appear in the dream state, but are inevitably lost to the waking self.  we are left with only vague recollections and the taste of the majesty of this fantasy world.  yet, tim walker seems to snap pictures of the mind, giving us a joyful, giggling glimpse into these evasive lands

enjoy the adventure!

walker is set to make his first short film, 'the lost explorer.'  a story of a young girl "who discovers an explorer camping at the bottom of her garden"... oh, i can only imagine  { via }

Monday, June 21, 2010

summer solstice...

 i'm living vicariously through the lovely closets of etsy, on this morning of the solstice... imagining throwing open the closet doors in the mornings, in giddy anticipation of the pretty dresses awaiting me for the new day.  so, today i'm sharing a bit of a bonus shopping list for the week

as the summer season approaches each year, i look forward to tossing aside the pants and pulling on the dresses (here in hot and humid atlanta, this occurred several months ago!).  while summer shorts come in handy for certain adventures, i admit to taking advantage of wearing breezy slip on dresses, jumpers, and skirts as often as possible throughout the sultry months

and a no-hassle, one-piece, slip-on, molds-to-your-body-in-all-the-right-places (while still allowing a comfortable amount of room for my stomach to enjoy all the abundant deliciousness of summer produce) kind of dress just makes me step through my day with a bit more cheer

the only draw back of these skin baring clothes is that i tend to be too self critical of my body (i guess so many of us are).  and, of course, there is also the fact that i really hate to exercise in any form that does not unknowingly sneak in while i'm distracted by some fun adventure

 but this year i'm making the decision to concentrate on the parts of my body that i do like, and i'm learning to love them, and i'm allowing myself a bit of confidence in showcasing those parts... why not!  i imagine looking back at my body through the eyes of my future self, helping me to see how silly my physical insecurities really are

so, off i wander to enjoy the delightfulness of pretty summer wares!

white dress, by yuan123

fleur's play suit, by nadinoo

rainbow magic, from veravague

tea dress, by sohomode

vintage yellow romper, from secretlake

happy monday and summer solstice

Sunday, June 20, 2010

saturday shopping list - (on a sunday) june 20th

"there's a magical tie to the land of our home, which the heart cannot break, though the footsteps may roam."  ~   eliza cook

here we go again... another 'saturday shopping list' on a sunday.  i must admit that i really had not a thing going on yesterday.  the list just simply didn't cross my mind until this morning!  

perhaps my mind was simply in resting mode yesterday... after spending the three previous days taking care of my seven year old nephew and four year old niece.  three wonderful days filled with farmer's market trips, morning swimming adventures, swing set soaring, silly 'sorry' game playing, ice cream making, and 1, 326 book readings, to name just a few of our activities ;)

my niece is beginning to discover the fun of her growing hair, and had very specific directions each day as to the styling. 

 her reply, after spying herself in the mirror on the last day?  "i really look like i'm in college, don't i"... so matter of fact.  there was no denying it.  yes, i think 'four going on twenty' is an accurate description of my niece ;)  she had me capture the overall elegance of her ensemble with my camera phone (as i once again managed to leave my camera at home)

(her subtle arm placement to get her bracelet in prominent position)

she must have asked my nephew 47 times a day if he noticed her grown up hair style, while waving her head in his face.  such a good big brother he is... he simply sighed and replied 'yes, i know, sidney' each and every time.

okay, back to the shopping list:

8x12 soul, by f2images

merriment banner vintage, by corrieberrypie

vintage porcelain pheasant, from brightwallvintage

cimarosa smock, by makool

lolita necklace, by prettythingsbymeg