Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Shopping List - January 31st

sweetness and love

1 ~ porcelain eggs and bird, by revisions
i love that you can burn these soy candles 
(perhaps over a romantic dinner?), and 
then keep the porcelain egg shells and 
wee bird as a sweet little collection 

2 ~ love you, by retrowhale
what a way to send love... with this beautiful
plantable card, your love can blossom into 
garden wildflowers to be enjoyed over and
over again

3 ~ turtles in love, by littleloveblue
this turtle love is unmistakable... and 
unmistakable will be your gesture of love 
when you give this to your sweetheart... 
sure to bring a smile to anyone

4 ~ woodland sisters, by lilymoon
what a way to express the bond of sisterly
love, with this sweetest of prints... i have two
pieces of my own from lilymoon!

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Thursday, January 29, 2009


a sorrowful, bittersweet day today, as i venture away from what has been an astounding path in my life, now stumbling toward an unknown destination... but i know now it is not really goodbye, because there is a forever spot in my heart for all of you and memories to always remember, my sweet little ones... abby, ollie... and anna who started it all.

words can never express the love and joy i have received, and i hope i have in some way touched all of your lives as you've touched mine. whether through pictures or in person, i will love to watch you grow!

an inexpressible thank you to wendy, who gave me today the kat mcleod book, bird
as a thank you gift. i can only hope my inability to speak when i opened this present told you how unbelievably excited, amazed, and grateful i am! what an inspiration this book will be!
thank you~

Sunday, January 25, 2009


a sneak peak at one of the pieces i've been working on for the new line of hollow creations this year... 'song', a wee soft house of whimsy 

'song' has been created using a combination of new and vintage all natural materials, and, like all of my pieces, is completely hand sewn and hand embroidered

creating new work always brings such joy to me, and this is what i hope to convey in each and every piece... i hope to begin unveiling these new works in my shop in the next few weeks... i'll post on the blog before i do

simply amazing giveaway

follow the link to win this gorgeous 
from kathleen dougherty of grosgrain... although i have to say, i really want this blouse all for myself... so selfish, i know!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Shopping List - January 24th

1 ~ porsgrund- norway vase, by bluebellbazaar
oh how i want you, little vase!

2 ~ she will grow weary, by swanbones
this image can lead wherever the 
imagination takes you... click to see where
the artists' imagination led

3 ~ wood spatula utensil, by glynnbebee
these gorgeous handcrafted spatulas will
make cooking so much for fun

4 ~ linen tea towel, by flowerpress
lends such an elegant, classic feel to the kitchen,
and imagine what  a lovely gift this would make

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i'll be taking a little break from accepting new custom orders, starting this saturday, the 23rd... this is to give me a chance to start creating new pieces for the new year.  i hope to be able to begin sharing this new work in my shop in a few weeks time... can't wait!  thanks ~

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

happy inauguration

journal, by spinachnpeace

a day of hope and of new beginnings.
a day that we will always remember, 
and a new world the children will always know


what an experience for these millions... i'll be watching from the warmth of my home!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Saturday Shopping List - January 16th

simple elegance

1 ~ smoke circles, by lauramccabe

3 ~ bird by a pond, by jennifergibbs

4 ~ follow me, by lushbella

5 ~ the jewel tones dress, by armoursansanguish

6 ~ warm, by valeriah

7 ~ butterfly on a wire, by royalbuffet

8 ~ longs to be free, by fogandthistle

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

kat macleod illustrations

the stunning work of kat macleod

the mixed media illustrations, combining techniques using paper, fabric, and water colors, seem to breathe with life.  the form and shapes are truly inspiring

you can find her work in her book, bird, in which macleod shares her observations of bird and female forms through her illustrations of feathers and fashion

it's slightly out of my price range... but oh how i would love it!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

just get up and dance

wanted to share this video, 'once upon a time',  from the adorable capucine... which i found through a post on the wonderful blog, fine little love

to see the path a four year old mind takes is enchanting, rejuvenating, and inspiring

capucine, and her mother, are using the popularity of these videos to support edurelief, an organization based in mongolia, which helps provide school books to mongolian children

there are two sites where you can buy capucine's tshirts, and buttons/magnets,
all designed using  her original drawings and with quotes from the above story

i also had to include capucine's 'disco fever' video... it reminds us all to just get up and dance!

Monday, January 12, 2009

front page

a big thanks to shellieartist for including my forest of trees in her lovely treasury, 'i just got home', which was featured on the front page of etsy earlier today!

a mercy

wanted to quickly share a book recommendation, 'a mercy' from one my favorite authors, toni morrison

'a mercy' shares the painfully intertwined stories of several women, wrapped in the brutal america of the late 17th century.  upon such unsettled soil, each woman is ripped from any familial foundation... stripped of identity... reframed in this dangerous world of slavery, extreme religious intolerance, and disease

this one is a very quick read, due in part to both the length of the book and the propelling power of morrison's words.  it is one i will love to revisit, as passages in the beginning of the book become more profound with the unfolding of the story

morrison's stories seem to always grab hold deep into the recesses of my brain and soul, and, with the often ghostly atmosphere they create, infiltrate and disturb my dreams.  i don't complain though... they are disturbances my brain can use!

i would love to hear other's thoughts on the book, and am always happy to receive book recommendations in return!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

dreaming of spring...

seven wishes, by michelemaule

with spring so many months away, i think i'm in trouble... my mind is already filled with thoughts of warm sun on my face and shoulders, blossom showers, toes in dewy grass, sleeping under swaying green branches...

spring romance, by everydaymoments

california, by dutchdoor

unfortunately, i'm seeing ice outside, and a forecast for highs in the low teens by the end of the week.... perhaps a trip is in order

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Shopping List - January 10th

a little brooklyn in this week's saturday shopping list

1 ~ little love blue bird, by littleloveblue

2 ~ forest green laura jumper, by burdastyle

3 ~ golden brown circle of love, by simplemunique

4 ~ wee little house, by brooklynrehab

5 ~ morgan in fall, by wrenstore

6 ~ miniature cabinet of curiosities, by miniaturerhino

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

happy new year

we were so fortunate to get a lovely snowfall this year right before christmas... and i was fortunate to be able to share it with my beautiful nephew and niece

after catching a movie at the theater, we headed over to prospect park across the street, and all the (icy!) snow

after a quick game of snow tag (quick because i can in no way keep up with these two), the kids had fun sliding about on an icy patch

so lovely to walk in the snowy park... the rare quiet in the city that it offers... broken only by the giggles as the kids play... wonderful