Saturday, February 28, 2009

saturday shopping list - february 28th

a dining collection

although i've truly loved living the new york life, i've missed living without a real dining space... here are a few of the many pieces which have caught my attention lately, as i imagine a warm, sunny, spring-inspired dining area... a space that i will look for when hunting for my new quarters

1 ~ origami lilies, by rockpapersugar
oh, how scrumptious! a lovely way to
brighten any space

2 ~ table runner, by kelgwo
woven with wool and a local grass, how special
this runner makes any space... and any meal

3 ~ vintage linen napkins, from imsovintage
speaking of special, cloth napkins give
even a simple meal such an elegant feel...
and i love the cottage feel of mixing
colors and styles!

4 ~ vintage round coiled basket, from highstreetmarket
beautiful for a table or sideboard, this
lovely basket gives me visions of a warm,
salty breeze blowing through an open window

5 ~ hall refrigerator pitcher, from karapegg
i never pass a hall pitcher in an antique store
without taking a closer look... and thinking
of my uncle, who's collection i remember
from my childhood

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Friday, February 27, 2009

such sweetness

oh, how i wish i could enter this giveaway cary, littleloveblue, is running in celebration of her shop's 100th sale... but i think being the sister is an automatic disqualification!

i can attest to the fact that these baby bunnies are somehow even more deliciously wonderful in person... such an awesome giveaway (these bunnies always fly off the shelves in her shop)!

to enter, just post a comment over on her blog (and you can be entered a second time if you also share and post a link to the giveaway on your own blog)

good luck!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the conservatory overcoat giveaway

another fabulous giveaway from grosgrain... this time a gorgeous and luscious red overcoat.  visit the link below to read more about this beauty and how to enter for a chance to win!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

winsome features


it's always such a wonderful feeling to happen across a feature of some of my work on beautiful blogs i admire

here are i few i happened across recently... a big thanks to all of you!

a lovely feature of my nests on craftershock

my bunny tails on one of my favorite blogs, loveology

such a sweet feature, it made me blush, on home in the heights

the bunny tails popped up once again on softies central

whimsical forest of trees on jars of cute

and last, but not least, the warren is blogging about the adventures of sock bunny's global adventures (including a recent trip to kenya), accompanied by her new winsome hollow toy bunny... so exciting!

Monday, February 16, 2009

shop update announcement

wool and cotton fabric from purl
and a cotton and linen ribbon from weiwenhaitun

well, as you can see, i've been fabric collecting once again... in order to continue creating more for the spring line
there can never be enough of this hand dyed purl wool in my home!

be still... the world will move you

i've decided to go ahead and update my shop this wednesday, the 18th, with the completed work... and will continue to update as new pieces are finished

be still... the world will move you

above, is the latest piece i've created ~ a mixed media fiber art, combining ink illustration, hand sewn fabric, and hand embroidery on canvas and wool... 'be still... the world will move you'



Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Shopping List - February 14th

happy valentine's day

1 ~ i believe in you, by cathycullis

2 ~ covered stones, by knitalatte

3 ~ little scented house, by littlepinkhouse

4 ~ valentine poetry reel, by feltathome

5 ~ heirloom hanky, by garterlady

6 ~ a little bit of romance, by sugarlotusdesigns

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

wisteria... and life's challenges

a piece i've been working on for the new hollow spring collection... 'wisteria'

things have been rather slow moving the last few weeks, as life has been presenting some challenges. although i'd hoped to have created more by this point, i've really been enjoying the creative process of these pieces!  i'll begin listing next week with the work i've created so far (and will hopefully have created several more pieces by then)... again, i'll post here on my blog with a specific posting date as is gets closer.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

my folk lover giveaway

okay, as much as i REALLY want to win this generous giveaway from my folk lover, i felt i must share it and give others a chance as well... i just adore the work of my folk lover, and actually have one of her pieces already included in my current treasury

included in the giveaway:  1 ~ the gorgeous original artwork above, a piece combining paper cut, watercolor, and gold leaf


2 ~ a complete set of the four ladies at sea prints... i just love these ladies prints


and 3 ~ this lovely wallpaper covered in paper-cut characters

just visit the blog and leave a comment to enter

Friday, February 6, 2009

Saturday Shopping List - February 6th

1 ~ vintage japanese figurines, by thewhitemole

2 ~ white lace cuffs, by littlesparrownest

3 ~ hearts paper chain, by gentlearts

4 ~ yellow, by erintyner

 5 ~ green, by valeriah

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a brooklyn studio

space is certainly a luxury, here in brooklyn... one room can serve many purposes... in my case,  this room serves as living room/work studio/office/storage room/workout room (ha, okay i do think about working out now and then...)

my couch not only serves as a wonderful napping spot, but also as my work space for creating, and where i conduct my online business on my laptop (the other side of the couch, under the window,  is currently serving as a spot for my craft supplies, along with many other hidden spots around the room.... sigh)

oh how i dream of open space!  a giant work table... a desk... shelves to display piles of fabric...
and i dream, and i dream...