Tuesday, September 25, 2012

local artisans...

a lovely collaboration between commoner films and milk bar magazine, featuring the process and inspiration behind melbourne-based 'pot black ceramics'...

i try to buy locally when possible, both food and handmade goods, and this year my sister and i also began to sell our prairie seed cloth goods (handmade from mostly recycled textiles, also found locally) at our neighborhood farmer's market.  

not only is it a wonderful experience to be surrounded by such a community, seeing and talking face to face with the people buying and using your pieces, but there is something so uniquely satisfying about making pieces with your own hands, seeing them lovingly used by your neighbors, and then putting your proceeds back into the community... 
by purchasing from local farmers and artisans - produce, bread, and cheese to give you sustenance for the coming week, soaps and cleaners for your home, or meaningful gifts for family and friends...  or by visiting the independent coffee shops and restaurants down the street.

happy tuesday 

Monday, September 24, 2012


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cocos lovers, simon fagan, and fiona maria fitzpatrick. 
listen, love, share...

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happy monday

Friday, September 21, 2012

toast a/w 2012...

the always inspiring lookbook from toast, for the autumn/winter 2012 season.  seriously, could the photography and styling be any more gorgeous?

it is currently eighty two degrees, here in atlanta... i'm desperately trying to make boot and sweater season happen. i thought that if i just paired them with shorts that i could make it work?  and then i went to run errands and almost collapsed from heat exhaustion... in the first thirty seconds. 

we did have one rainy day this week with temps in the upper sixties!  so, obviously, i gleefully zipped on a pair of boots and skipped off to buy a pumpkin, with a giant grin plastered across my face.  
sadly, while reaching for that one perfectly shaped pumpkin in the center of the mound, i caused a domino effect of rolling, runaway pumpkins everywhere.  some nice people helped me to collect and return them .... some people bundled in coats. and gloves. with hoods wrapped tightly around their heads. who complained bitterly of the freezing temps. and looked utterly miserable.  where do i live?

anyway, back to dreaming of more such weather, and outfits like these...

happy friday

Monday, September 10, 2012

september at home...

a few images from around the house, for september...

some fun, original paintings i found at the thrift store.  the quaint city scene pictured above, and another portrait of a bearded man, further down (i mean, who could pass up a beard painting!)... that one was actually unfinished, and was painted atop another, earlier portrait of a woman, which you can still see when you turn the canvas upside down.  it's funky and i love it.

i found this red, wool, navajo rug a few months ago, while out thrifting with my sister (i think this was right before she gave birth to my niece, tessa!)... it fits perfectly on my white trunk (my grandfather's war trunk, which he later painted white to use as a toy chest for his four children), which is sitting as a coffee table in front of my daybed.

recovered the lamp shade in this recycled red and cream toile (was once a bed sheet), and found the perfect red and cream antique plate at the thrift store to hang on this wall as well... when i get around to it ;)

my sweet niece... now two months old

happy monday