Monday, March 28, 2011

cabbages & roses, fashion...

i'm just in love with the beautifully simple lines and the timeless quality of the cabbages & roses fashion line (not to mention the gorgeous photography)...

you can see some images from the equally beautiful homeware line over on the prairie seed blog

happy monday

Thursday, March 24, 2011

mr. and mrs. ...

cary just introduced the first couple for her new cake topper line, over in the prairie seed shop... they are so fabulous!  i want to get married. this. instant. so i can snatch them up (there is just the minor problem of not yet having a groom for a wedding?)

those faces are so beyond sweet perfection!

this heirloom mr. and mrs. is entirely stitched by hand in wool, linen, and vintage lace...

 happy thursday

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


lovely music pulls me through my work today, with a background of fluttering curtains and trilling bird calls... is there anything to match the first days of spring?

in need of a long playlist of pretty sounds this week, as i work on a new orchid design... which is proving quite complicated and time consuming.  i'm thinking i'll have to charge $100,000 when i'm done?  does this sound reasonable?  any takers?  

(i've included a few sneak peak photos below of the 'in progress' orchid flowers)

hope everyone is having a lovely week ;)

all of the textile for the flowers is recycled (two vintage kimono wool fabrics, and felted wool and cashmere)

happy wednesday

Monday, March 21, 2011

around the house for spring...

a few new springtime images from around the house...

living room:

the firewood basket was a thriftstore find ($2) from a few weeks ago, which i'm just loving.  the rocking chair is one i've carried with me from my own childhood... i love seeing my niece and nephew now sitting here when they come to visit.

the lovely english pitcher is one i picked up from my aunt's shop.  the market basket i found a while back, from the antique store down the road... i've had this for months, and it wasn't until i uploaded this photo that i noticed the string from the price tag still attached!  (i do this way more frequently than i should admit to)

the beautiful antique, framed needlepoint was a birthday gift from my mom

dining room:

well, you can see that i still am working with a temporary table in here (and have yet to finish the cushions for these chairs).  i'm planning to move to a new place this summer, so it's probably best that i haven't picked up a table, until i know what kind of space i'll be working with in the new house.

the little drum shade on the white lamp was another thriftstore find ($2.99)... several of my lamps are in need of updated shades, so i'm always excited to find inexpensive shades like this one (new lampshades can be so expensive!)


there is something so appealing to me in mixing layer upon layer of pretty linens on the bed.

this pretty ikea duvet cover has been on my wish list for quite awhile... how excited i was to find one in the 'as is' department of the store (it was a european size which accidentally made it's way to the u.s. store... just meaning a larger pillow sham... and a much lower price!).  my sweet sister snagged this for me as a birthday gift.  the bedskirt, sheets, and pillowcase were all thriftstore finds.  the antique iron bed was one i bought years ago at auction, while i was still in college.

the white, eyelet trim curtains above were another thriftstore find... as was the floral duvet cover below (both $2).

happy monday

Sunday, March 20, 2011

spotted succulent...

a new textile succulent just added to the shop...

hand stitched from a vintage recycled 1960's spotted kimono silk and recycled wool.  tucked into this sweet vintage milk glass cup, with a recycled burlap pouch.  finished with real bark around the succulent

i'm also working on a few new orchid designs, which will hopefully be ready for the shop sometime this week

happy sunday

Saturday, March 19, 2011

saturday shopping list - march 19th...


little mushroom in linen and brown floral, by littleloveblue

"thy beauty haunts me heart and soul,
oh, thou fair moon, so close and bright;
thy beauty makes me like the child
that cries aloud to own thy light:
the little child that lifts each arm
to press thee to her bosom warm.

though there are birds that sing this night
with thy white beams across their throats,
let my deep silence speak for me
more than for them their sweetest notes:
who worships thee till music fails,
is greater than thy nightingales."

~  'the moon' ; william henry davies

{click on the price below each picture to view the listing on etsy, and on the shop names to see what other lovelies you may find!}


two small black and white china plates with scalloped edge, from 22bayroad


vintage storage case, from lovelyhomevintage


elegantly dressed women floating in the mist - fine art print, by krystyna81


white ironstone pitcher, from switchbladeandcookie


no 105 tote in waxed canvas, by artifactbags


folded salt and pepper cellar with spoon, by pigeontoeceramics


vintage child's stacking toy, from previous


prototype sale modern architectural equilateral triangle pottery bird house, by mudpuppy


beautiful vintage white on blue chenille bedspread, from thecreekhouse


vintage two-piece white embroidered lace dress and suit jacket, from animalheadvintage


vintage long handled wooden spoon, from theoldwhitehouse


on the lake original oil painting, by blairlambert

happy saturday

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

olga bennett...

some beautiful images from melbourne photographer olga bennett

you can find more of her work over on her blog, as well...

happy tuesday