Saturday, July 24, 2010

saturday shopping list - july 24th

"i have become my own version of an optimist.  if i can't make it through one door, i'll go through another door - or i'll make a door.  something terrific will come no matter how dark the present."  ~  rabindranath tagore

oysters and pearls dress, by englishdept

be bold, by maryrist

vintage 1930's madeline straw hat, from deargoldenvintage

without a doubt, by sclark

sprout print shigano, by debbiecarlos

out of reach, by cedarviewart

lady cecile and her spaniels, by janethillstudio

l wedge tote cedar, by scabbyrobot

happy weekend

Sunday, July 18, 2010

vintage finds...

{ $16 }

wanted to share a few sweet vintage treasures i carried home from my thrifting adventures yesterday, including this little lovely... an old pastoral print.   the frame alone was just too perfect to pass by

trying out a few different spots...

a bybee pottery pie plate, and a sweet little cream pitcher...

{ pie plate, $3 ; cream pitcher, $1 }

a handful of little dishes for new textile succulents.  i've been busily stitching succulents for custom orders this summer, but hope to sneak in a few for the shop in the next few weeks...

... finally, a handful of new pieces for the wardrobe, along with a few books to curl up with, made for a perfectly pleasing saturday afternoon

happy sunday

Saturday, July 17, 2010

saturday shopping list - july 17th

cloudless day necklace, by postscripted

the sun is making a valiant effort to shine through the stormy clouds on this saturday morning... my body and mind in an equal struggle to venture out for a bit of thrifting and a trip to farmer's market

putting together today's shopping list is certainly not helping matters.  how easy it would be to sit here, in patient waiting for the forecasted rain, and let my fingers do the exploring.  i suppose i must focus on the deliciousness of fresh bread, peaches, goat cheese, milk, beans, and tomatoes awaiting me at the market ;)

three pheasant shakers, from happygovintage

sandy nordic tote, by woodroots

french silver basket vintage, from grandandtaylor

blue linen pants, by adatine

mr. moon, by harem6

vintage red metal stool, from robertagrove

two girls fine art print, by thelightfantastic

happy weekend

Thursday, July 15, 2010


{ click on the links below the captures to see these lovelies on flickr, and to see more work from each inspiring photographer }

Oh! divine moments so sacred and pure
So still as if death at sight
Uplifted hearts crying out through the darkness
The broken monotony of the night
Wilderness of thought and vision
Lonely sighs for consoling light
Searching for the glorious moment
Bewildering the wrong from the right

~ kathleen mary redlich

how exciting to receive a package in the mail this week from my aunt, filled with pages of some of my grandmother's earliest poetry, from her junior high and high school days

we shared both a name and a love for the song of words.  my grandmother passed away when i was a child, so it is truly a delight to see these bits and pieces of her life... to catch glimpses of similarities 

{ the other window gazer, by stephaniecb (little birds) }

{ untitled, by yvette inufio }

untitled, by provincijalka }

{ vo vallette, by .nevara }

{ untitled, by 'tess }


{ -, by alexis mire }

{ untitled, by david sigfridsson }

{ south side of colborne street, by églantine }

{red and white big top, by simply hue }

happy thursday

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

back home...

back home, in post-holiday fog, after the loveliest of weeks by the sea... i believe i left my mind back on fripp island

such a haze i've been in since returning... the night we returned, i actually spent a good thirty seconds or so trying to unsuccessfully get into the wrong car outside of the grocery store.  how embarrassing when i realized the mistake and had to turn shamefully (in front of quite a few people, i might add) to find my own car parked in an entirely different row.  how i did not immediately note that this car was sparkling clean, in comparison to my own car piled with mounds of sand, i'll never know

this is to be expected, i suppose, after leaving this magnificent island... one that forces your muscles into relaxation, and provides calm, shallow waters for hours of bathing in the tepid sea

so, here are some pictures of our calm adventures...

and, here, a few treasures of the sea, washed up in the sunrise high tide...

tula was quite intrigued by the salty sea aroma