Saturday, April 28, 2012

saturday shopping list, april 28th...

 roses and crisp white linen edwardian night gown, from silkwormvintage

"COME out . . . . out 
To this inevitable night of mine 
Oh you drinker of new wine, 
Here's pageantry . . . . Here's carnival, 
Rich dusk, dim streets and all 
The whispering of city night . . . . 
I have closed my book of fading harmonies, 
(The shadows fell across me in the park) 
And my soul was sad with violins and trees, 
And I was sick for dark, 
When suddenly it hastened by me, bringing 
Thousands of lights, a haunting breeze, 
And a night of streets and singing . . . . 
I shall know you by your eager feet 
And by your pale, pale hair; 
I'll whisper happy incoherent things 
While I'm waiting for you there . . . . 
All the faces unforgettable in dusk 
Will blend to yours, 
And the footsteps like a thousand overtures 
Will blend to yours, 
And there will be more drunkenness than wine 
In the softness of your eyes on mine . . . . 
Faint violins where lovely ladies dine, 
The brushing of skirts, the voices of the night 
And all the lure of friendly eyes . . . . Ah there 
We'll drift like summer sounds upon the summer air . . . ."

~  'city dusk' f. scott fitzgerald

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 3 bowl set - concrete - french country, by bungalowstreet

 high waisted short shorts - archella 'my lover' shorts, by archella

 el condor triangle necklace, by julienolan

€65,00 eur
shredded shirt black black basic back, by commeonveut

 ready made : jumbo canister in sand color clay with grey, by vitrifiedstudio

 antique grain sacks // ranger alfalfa collection, from 86home

tell me all the things that i wanna hear, by girlonavine

motivational 8"x10" print - go explore, by calamaristudio

 yes tag pendant necklace, by carolinabenoit

 lea maxi sheer shirt dress, by oukymmik

 body chain harness // brass triangle and feather fringe detail, by tzunuum

black cutout maxi, by hackwithdesign

 simplex school wall clock, from amradio

happy saturday

Friday, April 27, 2012

just beautiful pieces. without the 'just'...

just beautiful pieces. without the 'just'.

"Whispering to each handhold, "I'll be back,"
I go up the cliff in the dark. One place
I loosen a rock and listen a long time
till it hits, faint in the gulf, but the rush
of the torrent almost drowns it out, and the wind --
I almost forgot the wind: it tears at your side
or it waits and then buffets; you sag outward...

I remember they said it would be hard. I scramble
by luck into a little pocket out of
the wind and begin to beat on the stones
with my scratched numb hands, rocking back and forth
in silent laughter there in the dark--
"Made it again!" Oh how I love this climb!
-- the whispering to the stones, the drag, the weight
as your muscles crack and ease on, working
right. They are back there, discontent,
waiting to be driven forth. I pound
on the earth, riding the earth past the stars:
"Made it again! Made it again!""

~ mary oliver

< viva, e.e. cummings ; via job's wife >

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


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cool and windy weather outside my doors, and now it's my favorite time of day... coffee o'clock! 
time to brew up some deliciousness, tune out the crazy world for a bit, and turn up the beautiful music

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happy tuesday

Saturday, April 7, 2012

saturday shopping list, april 7th...

 baby you can drive my car 8x10, by estherfromthesticks

"this is how moths speak to each other. they tell their love across the fields by scent. there is no mouth, the wrong words are impossible, either a mate is there or he is not, and if so the pair will find each other in the dark."

~  from 'prodigal summer', barbara kingsolver

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 custom set of skinny bangles, by vozclothingandart

 mixed wind chimes and bells, by ironaworks

 80s cream natural silk shirt m/l, from thepigeoncloset

mobile: hot pink and pink and orange butterfly mobile, by butterflyorbs

 dream catcher - let's fly - with unique duck feathers and a white origami bird, by perpetumobile


80s fitted pants / heather gray stripe cropped trousers, from luckyvintageseattle

 sea glass & driftwood mobile / suncatcher - olive you, by therubbishrevival

 sale high waist shorts size 2, by littleocean

€36,00 eur 
women's pleated blouse. japanese style top. cotton pleated shirt, by arch190

vera neumann linen tea towel with pink flowers. 1960s, from barkingsandsvintage

flax bedding linen set... duvet cover flat sheet and two pillowcases, by crystalnatalina

 spring necklace - with dreamy decoupage and crocheted wooden beads, by suddenlyyou

happy saturday

Sunday, April 1, 2012


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having a little mini, two-day staycation, while housesitting for my sis... looking after the chickens and the pets, catching up on some reading, taking in the summer weather in the park (you know, just me and 96% of the city), and listening to the beauty of these four... alexa woodward, pearl and the beard, destry, and ivan campo

each and every one is delicious to the ears... listen and share! 

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happy sunday