Thursday, September 24, 2009

the bird or the egg

phewwff... we are finally swimming out of the rain here in atlanta... in my befuddled, soggy state this weekend, i accomplished very little i must say (fortunately i was able to stay safe and dry in my home)... although i did take a pair of scissors to my hair for some new bangs. a new season always seems like the time for a new look (and i am rather impulsive when it comes to my hair)

the emerging sunshine has been moving my hands to create once again

just added this set of two pieces of mixed media fiber art to my shop... which asks the question of which came first 'the bird or the egg'

combining ink illustration, hand stitched fabric, felted and stitched roving, and needle felting on canvas, each piece is mounted on a vintage metal embroidery hoop, with a circle of wool attached on the back

Thursday, September 17, 2009

pretty things

some pretty images on this stormy night (here in the peach state anyway)... we've had three consecutive days of rain... or should i say RAIN! the sky has just seemed to open up, spilling out the oceans over our heads... where is noah when you need him? they're forecasting two more days of the same

it is nice to sit on my covered deck, watching the sheets of rain... when it's not lighting that is. although last night, we has such torrential storms and strong winds, the rain was actually hitting the roof and returning skyward in a solid sheet of upside down rain!

on days such as these, i really spend too much time here on the computer... as does my kitten tula! i heard strange voices in my house today, and, before i could pick up my phone and dial 911 to report burglars in my home, i found tula sitting in front of the computer. she had somehow managed to get on youtube, and was intently watching a 'twilight' trailer... she just gave me a look like 'what?... i get bored too'. i guess she's a fan, who knew. i guess she'll have to catch me up on the 'twilight' phenomenon

i did manage to create a bit as well today. just listed this new acorn wreath in my shop... again, created using found branches, wrapped in a lovely leaf print cotton. the fabric acorns are made using a mixture of new and vintage cotton, attached to real chinquapin acorn tops. the leaf was made using a delicious green wool, from purl soho in new york

Sunday, September 13, 2009

blackened salmon ~ a delicious mistake

here are a few meals made using ingredients from this week's trip to the decatur organic farmers market:

first up, one of my very favorite summertime meals (you'll find this one in my house at least once a week during the season) broiled salmon, green beans (deliciously combined with fresh tomatoes and onions), and red potatoes

i have to say, this week i had a blackened salmon... a delicious mistake! quite the drama in my kitchen as the aluminum foil the fish was cooking on somehow caught fire! of course, i naturally assumed it was simply one of my neighbors ("hmmm... someone must not be a very good cook!", i thought), only to open my oven to flames growing by the second! fortunately, i was able to keep my head (while screaming... with images of my charred apartment, gone up in flames, racing through my mind), and instead of whipping out the fire extinguisher and ruining the fish, i grabbed a cup of water and splashed the aluminum... after a few last bursts of flame, the fire went out with a hiss. the salmon was now a little blackened, but actually quite yummy. i may have to try my hand at blackened salmon again... but, perhaps without the fire next time ;)

the salmon was seasoned with fresh basil, rosemary, and garlic chives from my garden (oh how lovely it is to finally have a space for growing herbs!). these herbs were all purchased from my local community garden. the green beans and heirloom tomatoes are from the farmers market

tonight, i made a lovely eggplant casserole, made using this recipe (only substituting with fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella) , with the gorgeous local purple japanese eggplant, also from the organic farmers market... no fire tonight ;) so yummy, and i think left overs will pair nicely with a bit of pasta

(oh, and the milk i scored this week is positively scrumptious!)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

local food 9/9 ~ a season of change

summer was definitely shifting into autumn this week at the decatur farmer's market... apples, gourds, baked goods, and pumpkins are beginning to appear in abundance. autumn being one of my favorite times of year, the sight of harvest produce excites me greatly... makes me want to settle down with a warm drink in front of the fire (although i think the weather still has a ways to go before this becomes a reality)

it makes me sad, however, to see the summer crop coming to a close... the farmer from whom i bought these luscious heirloom tomatoes told me these were the last few of his crop. and, oh, the end of green beans! a vegetable i eat at least twice a week during the summer... i suppose i will have another good month before these beauties say goodbye for the season. instead it is time to begin focusing on pumpkins and mums, pies and savory stews (vegetarian for me). there was an absolutely gorgeous sage green pumpkin at the market this week... i'm regretting that i didn't take that one home. the farmer selling it told me it would make at least two large delicious pies... perhaps he'll have another next week. i did pick up a sweet little pumpkin... of the decorating variety... to get me started on my autumn adventure

and the milk hunt was a success this week! i knew immediately from the long line in front of the johnston family farms booth, that i would finally be in luck (these family farm tours look like such fun too!). can't wait to try the milk out... i was told by the farmer selling the pumpkins that his wife raves about this milk, although has had to adjust her baking measurements accordingly... tastes and cooks so differently from the grocery store variety

~ in shop news, i'm continuing to add to new autumn pieces to the shop this week, and am excited to see that i'm only one sale away from one hundred ;)

Monday, September 7, 2009

and the winner is...

congratulations to emmaandmaha, the winner of the handmadecharlotte and nest with eggs giveaway! and a big thanks for all the lovely entries!

look for another giveaway this autumn ;)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

freshly roasted peanuts

today was peanut roasting day... these were the raw peanuts i picked up from the decatur organic farmers market this week. here they sit awaiting their oven roasting ;)

oh, that smell, that delicious aroma... the scent of autumn has entered my home!
i used this recipe i found (incredibly easy!)... i didn't have any peanut oil on hand, so i used olive oil instead, which worked really well

the deep purple color of the peanut is just gorgeous

i have another batch in the oven now, so i may make a bit of peanut butter... if i can keep from eating them all first!

*** one more reminder, tonight (sept. 6th) is the last night to enter for a chance to win the lovely handmadecharlotte skirt giveaway below! good luck everyone! i'm enjoying reading all the entries

reminder, giveaway

just a quick reminder that today is the last day to enter the lovely handmade charlotte giveaway for this beautiful skirt... you have until midnight tonight, so don't miss out!

in other news, my mixed media/ fiber art tableau, 'home of the bird', is all finished and has been added to the shop

did you ever dream as a child (or an adult!) that you could fly like a bird or shrink to a wee size and fit into such a little tableau... swinging on this tiny swing...

i've also added a new wool conifer tree, perfect for your autumn nature or thanksgiving table... or for anytime of the year

Thursday, September 3, 2009

in progress...

wanted to share a new mixed media/fiber art diorama i'm currently working on

it's a bit slow going today as i've pulled a muscle in the base of my neck... really my own fault. it's a muscle that i've pulled many times in the past, and did i listen to my body this time? sigh, that would be a no. the neck was sore yesterday, but today i decided that some heavy blinds in my apartment needed to come down at that very moment (my next project is to either find some vintage curtains or make a pair)... it just could not wait another second!

and there went the neck. i would like to think i learn something in such moments, but i'm afraid i never really do... i'm just a bit too impulsive and impatient (with quite a stubborn streak!). this can actually come in handy when creating... when ideas come into my head, my hands must start working that instant, and i just go with the moment... but in other aspects of life? well, i'll be lying with a heating pad tonight ;)

tomorrow is another day, and another chance to work on this new piece...

*** don't forget to enter the lovely handmadecharlotte skirt giveaway below! goes through sunday, september 6th... good luck everyone! i'm enjoying reading all the entries

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

local food - 9/2

another week at the decatur farmers market... another delicious crop of food!

my sister, niece, and nephew came along this week, making it all the more fun... the kids enjoyed some yummy honey sticks while we perused the selections. and who knew how helpful a six year old could be... my nephew had fun helping me select the produce, as well as handling the weighing and money... although, he did ask each time if he could keep the change, which one time came out to be sixteen dollars... it was worth a try ;)

found this lovely bunch of raw peanuts, which are delicious as they are (well, not apparently to my niece and nephew!), but i think i will try roasting them... looks super easy, here's a recipe i found. i may even try my hand at making peanut butter!

i'm also excited that i made it in time to pick up some eggs this week. so deliciously farm fresh... they even had a few chicken feathers still attached! i'll have to try again next week for the milk... they were sold out in the first half hour and were awaiting more!

i've also added a few new autumn pieces to the shop:

*** don't forget to enter the lovely handmadecharlotte skirt giveaway below! goes through sunday, september 6th... good luck everyone! i'm enjoying reading all the entries

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

pretty images

pretty images from flickr to give your tuesday a little loveliness
as you can see, many are images of beautifully soft rooms... on my mind a lot as i spend time decorating my own home

new autumn nests, trees, and other creations are also making their way into my shop this week... here are a few that have just been added... along with a new house 'une petite maison' that has been added as well

*** don't forget to enter the lovely handmadecharlotte skirt giveaway below! goes through sunday, september 6th... good luck everyone! i'm enjoying reading all the entries