Wednesday, October 29, 2008

mountain gorillas and congo rebels

taking a little break from the craft world in today's post, to share news very important to me of a critical situation in the drc 

( mapendo, orphaned eastern lowland gorilla, with caregiver.  she is 
cared for daily in goma by rangers who act as surrogate mothers to the orphans 24 hours a day)

i hope that everyone can please take a moment to visit and read the blog at, the official website of the virunga national park in the dr congo, the home to the critically endangered mountain gorilla.  only 700 mountain gorillas remain in this world, with 200 of them in the virunga national park.

tutsi rebels, supporting general nkunda have been stationed and heavily fighting in the area for quite some time now.  this resulted in the death of several gorillas last year.  there has been heavy fighting in the gorilla forest over the last several weeks, preventing rangers from ascertaining the fate of these gorillas caught in the crossfire.

(thinking, print by buddah4)

in the last few days, tutsi rebels have seized control of headquarters and patrol posts in the virunga national park, and are trying to take complete control of goma.  177 park rangers have had to flee their posts (and their protection of the gorillas).  more than 50 have had to flee into the forest to save their lives, where they have had no food, water, or provisions.  a group of 12 has been rescued (one of their group was kidnapped, and one unable to continue walking had to be left behind).  the whereabouts of all of the other rangers is completely unknown.  those rescued said that it is impossible to get to a road because of the rebels' weaponry.

these park rangers spend their lives trying to protect the few remaining majestic and mysterious mountain gorillas, and they are now in grave danger.  their families have been forced to camp in goma, along with nearly 1,000 other people, where cases of cholera have already been reported.  around 250,00o civilians in the area have had to flea their homes since august, with nearly 850,000 displaced in the last two years according to the u.n.

these women and children in the camp desperately need food, clean drinking water, and basic medicine.  there is also great need to raise money for basic provisions and medical supplies for all of the displaced rangers.

over $88,000 needs to be raised by the 25th of november for these basic costs ( a detailed breakdown of the costs is available on the website ). so far, the blog has raised about $7,000.

this is a severe crisis.  please consider donating, any amount will help.  donations can be made right on the website (through paypal),  100% of donations go directly to the field, as a grant from the european union pays for administration costs.  


check (USD): virunga fund inc, c/o gretchen crary, 378 clinton street, brooklyn, ny 11231, usa.

you can also visit national geographic's coverage of the situation.

thank you so very much for taking the time to read this!!

best to everyone,


Monday, October 27, 2008

retro loveliness from imsovintage

wanted to share some of the gorgeous vintage finds from imsovintage (my mom!).
i love the retro, whimsical, and nostalgic feel of these pieces... i can imagine them in so many different settings and designs.  they would all look fabulous in my apartment (hint, hint)

imagine what life these buttons would give to a coat or bag

absolutely love the serene color of this piece... it would add such elegance to any room

love these melmac pieces... way too gorgeous to be put away in a cupboard!

and here are my mom's two other handmade shops:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

front page

it was so lovely to see all of the pieces listed in my shopping list this week on the front page of etsy today... they were the inspiration for my latest treasury  ( a few had already sold by the time i captured this picture!)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Shopping List ~ October 25th

a little 1950's retro... with some bursts of autumn color

1 ~ vintage gray tween train case, by greybrocket

2 ~ koparpeningur circus dress, by desirapesta

3 ~ pear pair, by pillowhappy

4 ~ ttv paris carousel print, by snappychic

 5 ~ drop number 3 - bowl, by ninainvorm

6 ~ 1950's mustard yellow cocktail dress, by dustyrosevintage

7 ~ autumn plum tutu dress, by angelbabes

8 ~ lamb in a manger, by bossysfeltworks

check out fancypicnic for links to all the saturday shopping lists

Thursday, October 23, 2008

wonderful giveaway!

wanted to share the wonderful autumn giveaway my sister ( littleloveblue ) is having on her blog this week!  she is offering one of her lovely acorn and leaves ornaments... they would look beautiful in a thanksgiving centerpiece!  simply leave a comment over on her blog with your favorite halloween ritual, and you're entered to win.

visit for all the details and to enter! 

Monday, October 20, 2008

blue moon of kentucky...

i think i've been in a blue mood this week... but in a completely good way!  i just realized that i've used a lot of this lovely color in several of my latest pieces 

Friday, October 17, 2008

Saturday Shopping List ~ October 18th

my saturday shopping selections this week all seem to tell a story of imagination...and i'm imagining they can all come to my house!

visit fancypicnic for a list of all the saturday shopping lists

made from a beautiful vintage wool plaid suiting, 
and lined with the artist's own hand screen printed 
organic cotton fabric, this storybook bonnet is safe for 
baby and the environment

2 ~ tuscany earrings, by katinkapinka
these earrings seem to hold a wonderful
sense of history... and perhaps a long ago love story

created freehand and in the moment, this gorgeous doll
is truly a work of art, and in need of a loving home

4 ~ summer's end necklace, by fancypicnic
a fairy tale of imagination come to life, this truly
one of a kind necklace is wonderfully enchanting

5 ~ fabric topiary with mushrooms, by lifewithtigers
nostalgic and magical, this wee topiary is a miniature
environment perfect for fairies ;)

6 ~ red berries, by valcox
with a sense of peering through a looking glass
into another world, this image was captured
through a 1940's bubbletop glass viewfinder

7 ~ queen of the butterflies, by lilymoon
 this image weaves through worlds of endless 
imaginiation... like a dream come to life

8 ~ bridal headpiece, by minnak
add a little 'something old' with your 'something new', 
with this elegant 20's inspired lace headpiece

autumn has taken a firm hold here in the hollow...the witches and wizards are out and about bewitching the pumpkins and trees!

here are a few of my autumn favorites from other etsy sellers:

owl on page, by esoule

harvest time cups, by pardonmyvintage

grey doe and orange fawn, by forestcreature

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

so, so, so excited to see my treasury 'inward calm...' on the front page of etsy!  always so very excited and proud to see them on the front page...thanks etsy and congrats to all the sellers!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i'm in the mood to travel....

my winsome hollow pieces have been traveling the world...much more than i have!  i love sending my work on a flight to a new adventurous destination, but now i want to hop on a plane myself.

here is my current travel themed treasury, 'the great affair is to move....'

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Shopping List ~ October 11th

phew, my internet connection is finally back today, just in time for the saturday shopping list!

imagine how luscious your berries would look against 
this white colander

keep your butter soft in style

what a wonderful way to say hello, with
this whimsical pop-up card

stay warm this fall in style 

soulful, soft little lovelies

invite a gorgeous creature to nest in your home

beautifully handmade and hand screen printed on cotton

vintage chair brought back to all its former glory 
with a new raspberry fabric

imagine carrying your art with you by wearing this lovely 
mixed media brooch

visit fancy picnic for links to all of the wonderful shopping lists!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

last chance!

tomorrow is the last day (until midnight) to enter into the amazing autumn giveaway by jessica jane of petitehouse! she is offering six incredible packages, including the one above with one of my autumn trees....thanks so much! i'm so happy to be amongst such wonderful company

Friday, October 3, 2008

Saturday Shopping List ~ October 4th

so excited to finally participate in the saturday shopping lists.  a day early, due to the lack of an internet connection at home for the next week! check out fancy picnic for a list of all the wonderful saturday lists

i've already discovered so many wonderful pieces i want to feature in the future weeks, but this week i decided to focus on soft yellows and grays, inspired by some of my recent favorites

1 ~ heirloom vintage fall vest, by heirloom08
made of organic linen, cotton, and vintage materials,
these original designs inspire a look of whimsy

2 ~ linen pinafore, by pamelatang
each piece individually handcrafted, these pieces combine
lovely modern design, with traditional craft

i have a set of little shakers very similar to this, and was
excited to find such a lovely vintage set...and an equally 
lovely store

4 ~ whispers in the breeze, by sugarsnaps
this image of new zealand nature, embodies this 
photographer's ability to capture such sweet and soft
moments in time, which seem to both move and ignite the senses

5 ~ white cat, by littleloveblue
this little felted wool kitty is the defintion of sweet elegance...
each piece has such a unique personality that seems to breathe

6 ~ spring bike, by photobird
these photos display such a wonderful sense of vintage 
style simplicity...allowing the eye to stop and enjoy the 
beauty of our surroundings

7 ~ pillow cover, by maramiki
originally illustrated and constructed of linen, these 
pillow covers add a subtle and soft touch of nature
to any style home

8 ~ hand embroidered silk brooch, by contemporarystitches
such extraordinary hand embroidery work lends a 
touch of romantic elegance to these pieces, made using 
vintage fabrics

9 ~ the darling nest, by marmeecraft
this victorian style work encompasses such a 
feeling of alice in wonderland style fantasy, letting 
you jump into a world of imagination