Saturday, March 7, 2009

another yummy giveaway!

well, i couldn't enter my sis's (littleloveblue) celebration giveaway, but this is one i can!!

mummysam, an incredible artist, is having a wonderful giveaway (ending sunday night, so hurry!) over on her blog

she's a woman after my own heart, using all natural wool and cotton fabrics and wool stuffing in her soft sculptures and dolls... you can visit her lovely etsy shop to see more of her work

good luck!

early spring

1 ~ ruby, by artbyelizabethbauman

2 ~ vintage swedish pheasant dish, from thorwaldhome

3 ~ pair of seashell chairs, by sprucehome

4 ~ pleated collar dress, by amandaarcher

as you can probably tell, i'm in love with blues and grays... the colors of the ever changing sea. i would love for my home to be filled with these soft colors, with splashes of bolder hues here and there. it reminds me of early spring, as the world around you is soft in color, while bright pops of floral shades peak out from the earth below and the branches above

visit fancypicnic for links to all the saturday shopping lists!

Monday, March 2, 2009

a quiet monday

a quiet snow day, on this second day of march... snow piled up the windows, clinging to the sides of brownstones

in a few short weeks i will be moving to a warmer climate. trying now to absorb this beautiful scene into my memory, but i must admit, i'm still looking forward to soon seeing the spring flowers ;)