Wednesday, January 27, 2010

images from around the world...

sunset over bamberg (via flickr)

my seven year old nephew and i were discussing, today, how a passport works. the conversation came about as a result of his stated ambition to become a leading world detective, which will of course require abundant and dangerous adventure around the globe (this talk occurred during a break in our 'Nancy Drew' mystery book reading).

"each passport stamp shows the places you've traveled," i told him... and, a feeling of sadness came over me that, although i've dreamed this dream of traveling the world for so long, i've yet to make it a reality. how strange it seems to live years and years in your one little place, in your one life, in this vast globe, without seeing all which the earth has to offer. i not only want to visit other lands, i want to live there... to really live and watch and listen and speak the language of the culture. and, yet, here i am sitting in this kitchen, talking about my unfulfilled dream once again.

so, i have decided, i will not be sad for what has never been, but be excited for what will be... for not only the lovely dreams of far away lands that fulfill with the promise of adventure, but for the reality of adventure i will make happen in my future (and hopefully sooner rather than later!)

in honor of these intended adventures, i wanted to share beautiful images from around the world... from places of my ancestry in germany, england, ireland... to lovely sweden... and, to a lovely home (see the last image) right here in the states, filled with antiques procured from europe.

enjoy your european trot... perhaps africa next week?

can we dance?, by camilla engman

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Laura said...

Beautiful pictures

handmade charlotte said...

i really am going to paint everything white....or brown or like a dark peachy color?