Friday, January 8, 2010

blue roses and snow?

new blue rose wreath... available in the shop

the wreath was created using found twisting branches, and is wrapped in a fine floral print cotton. a blue rose has been hand stitched from a thick felted wool, along with hand stitched wool and cotton print leaves...

as you can see, my mind has moved into spring, however uncooperative the weather is choosing to be ;) just as i'm ready for warm weather, and budding flowers, mother nature sprinkled the white stuff over atlanta... and, while i really do love snow, i prefer it before the new year

and how surprised i was to find that half an inch of snow could virtually shut down a city? that was until i witnessed the unfortunate combination of lack of salting/plowing and people unfamiliar with snowy weather. while in new york people went on about their business with 24" of snow (school/work/play), in atlanta cars are colliding, schools shutting down, neighbors slipping on the ice (and looking around to see if anyone had witnessed the embarrassing moment... yes, yes i did)... and my sister reported that one of her neighbors could be seen scraping off the ice on the car with a set of keys... oh, atlanta ;)

happy snow day (and be careful out there)!


Anonymous said...

"my sister reported that one of her neighbors could be seen scraping off the ice on the car with a set of keys" Hahaha...too funny. I live in Seattle and the same thing happens to us...we don't know how to hand the snow either! Good luck with the snowy weather and may it clear up soon!

Natasha said...

Such a beautiful wreath!
We have been snowed in for weeks in the UK and there seems to be no let up! We haven't handled it well so it's nice to know other countries have the same problem.

katy said...

valerie, i hope we have a clear up of this cold weather soon as well! i really am looking forward to spring this year in georgia... especially after enduring so many looong winters in new york

natasha, thanks so much, and i especially hope you have a let up of the snow as well after weeks enduring it... (although i must admit i've always wanted to visit the uk in the snowy season!)

californiablue said...

Really lovely wreath - I think blue is such a perfect color, and appropriate for all seasons.

Cary Walker said...

hee hee:) i think he was quite embarrassed when he was seen too!

i love that wreath! went fast!