Saturday, January 23, 2010

saturday shopping list - january 23rd

my closet is in desperate need of a an overhaul for the new year... thought i would compile a collection of a few of my etsy fashion favorites for this week's saturday shopping list... these sellers provide me with such inspiration. i may have to continue next week for a 'part 2', as it was difficult narrowing this list down!

1 ~ sleep set, by modaspia

2 ~ white day dress, by magnolijadress

3 ~ sunset headband, by littleocean

4 ~ tiger lily moccasin teal, by darlingtonia

6 ~ copper key belt, by ledthread

7 ~ blue swing, by bewakeful

8 ~ snow white shibori felted necklace, by elenamakesthings

9 ~ chloe, by alisondahl

***as always, you can visit fancypicnic for a list of all the wonderful saturday shopping lists!


Natasha said...

You always highlight such beautiful things!

modaspia said...

really lovely katy. thanks for bringing me in here.
love your little houses by the way. very sweet.

Cary Walker said...

god, i need a make over:) i love al these. i love rompers, but i fear my romper wearing days are long gone!

Under The Root said...

Your shopping list is fit for a queen, divine and powerful! Thank you for linking the Ivory Tower Playsuit.

katy said...

thanks so much, natasha ;)

cary, me too! i feel like i need a spring cleaning: head to toe scrub, detox, and makeover! and then i would love to be able to open my closet to this! (and your romper days are not long gone!)

modaspia and undertheroot, thanks again for such beautiful work... truly inspiring!

Mila said...

fantastic taste you have...


katy said...

thanks so much, mila... and ditto to you on that one as well ;)

your blog is always such an inspiration to me

Megs said...

just found you through darlingtonia. your blog is STUNNING, and so is your shop!!

katy said...

thanks so much, meg!
your jewelry is just wonderful... i'm really loving a few pairs of earrings, in particular, right now in your shop ;)