Saturday, January 30, 2010

saturday shopping list - january 30th

a little love for your body, a little love for your home...
romantic, old world simplicity... could use a bit of this in my life ;)

trying to bring home less, only those things i truly love and appreciate. gifts of worlds past, with a history they can whisper, or created new by individual caring hands and beautifully creative minds

2 ~ vintage rose floral picture, from twoartdirectors

3 ~ porcelain lace wall hanging, by forestclearing

4 ~ maximum fringe necklace, by iheartnorwedianwood

5 ~ blushing in pink, by ouma

6 ~ my lady a vintage wood silhouette, from oldcrowfarm

8 ~ maiden floral vine crown, by whichgoose

9 ~ nightie night, from veravague

10 ~ sitting hen, from beautifulliving

as always, you can visit fancypicnic for links to all the saturday shopping lists


Emily said...

found you on the esty forums...very pretty and inspiring blog! i'm following!

katy said...

thanks, emily! can't wait to see your new shop

Cary Walker said...

looks very french to me. love it:)

katy said...

i think you're right... perhaps i was still dreaming of europe when i made these choices ;)