Thursday, January 28, 2010

a handmade and vintage season...

sharing, today, some of the gifts i received over the christmas holiday, all of the handmade and vintage variety (my very favorite kind of treasure)...

as someone with perpetually freezing feet, not wearing shoes in my house can make for some very painfully cold days during the winter (and spring and fall)... my niece and nephew gifted me these absolutely, delightfully, toasty warm (and very cute) felted woolen anklet slippers (by pawfelts) , which can be found on my feet every single moment i am in my house! and, finally, my feet are deliciously warm! i had long admired my sister's pair, and was thrilled to receive a pair of my own

and, what fun to have a mom with an etsy store (imsovintage) filled with vintage goodies! i'm always adding items from her store to my etsy favorites list. so, when i unwrap my presents from her, i'm sure to find one of these delightful treasures

i've been in need of a little sewing basket to keep my odds and ends in, which i can also leave out all the time... this gorgeous chinese sewing basket met that need! looks wonderful displayed on my coffee table, and in perfect reach whenever i need a needle and thread! and to make it even more exciting, it was filled with vintage sewing supplies

(look at this treasure she has for sale now)

oh, how i admired this gorgeous necklace from june shin, when visiting a local show here in atlanta with my sister and my sister's mother-in-law... and, somehow, cary managed to snatch it up, sneak away, and purchase it for my christmas gift without my ever realizing she had left my side... very sneaky indeed

pairs perfectly with outfits from casual to dressy... my new favorite piece!

another lovely vintage piece from my mom... i can never have enough vases... for dried and fresh flowers all over the house

these beautiful vintage wall plaques, each with a different scene, lend such a touch of romance and paris chic to the room

as we near the close of this first month, wishing everyone a wonderful start to this new year and decade


June Shin said...

What lovely gifts! I'm so glad you love the necklace, and thank you so much for blogging about it! :)

Cary Walker said...

i'm jealous! your apartment looks so lovely! your pictures keep getting more beautiful!!! well done:)

katy said...

june, yes, i LOVE my necklace! your designs are just so lovely

cary, thanks ;) i need to work on my bedroom next... it's feeling sadly neglected!

Laura said...

You are ever so welcome for your gifts of course and hmmm!! I believe you have a birthday in two weeks 8-)