Thursday, January 7, 2010

nothing like a good book...

this is a beautiful book ('the abby aldrich rockefeller folk art collection') i found a few years ago in the montague bookmill, a used bookstore housed in an old gristmill on the banks of the sawmill river in massachusetts... this was while on a road trip to massachusetts with my wonderful brooklyn crafting friends

i would definitely recommend stopping by for a browse and a bite to eat, overlooking the river, if you are ever in the northampton area... we went during the snowy season... so lovely

vintage folk art definitely has an influence on my work, from colors to images... and this book provides an abundance of inspiration. the cover alone is a wonderful display piece!

such fun days were had, during the weekly craft get togethers i shared with these beautiful women! another great inspiration for my work


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handmade charlotte said...

you guys look so cute! and i bet it was a ton of fun!