Friday, January 29, 2010

i won, i won, i really won!

how excited i was to awake to an email from stacey winters, letting me know that i had won her bluebird giveaway, for this book and a print! i won, i won, i really won! now, i've always been really good at winning little things here and there that i have absolutely no use for... cans of soda, baseball hats at raffles, soccer bags (you get the idea... random objects that eventually are given away), but this, THIS, i really love, and will use, and will read, and will admire!

a big congratulations to stacey. this is her blue bird photograph, gracing the cover of ariel gore's new book, 'bluebird: women and the new psychology of happiness' (which just hit shelves, and is getting great reviews)

deer whisper print, by staceywinters

you can see stacey's beautiful daily photo journal here, and purchase her lovely work here

this has put me in the mood for a giveaway of my own... look for one this next month!


Laura said...

Congrats. Maybe the winning streak is back! 8-)

katy said...

maybe i should play the lottery this week ;)