Monday, January 4, 2010

in progress... 'tree'

'in progress' is an apt title for all of my creations right now... everything is in various stages of development, from the idea phase, to sketches, to half finished works in progress... i see a spring burst of finished works coming soon!

busily working on a new 'tree' fiber art piece... as you can see, i am still in the process of hand embroidering the trunk and branches with vintage thread (a process which my fingers feel by the end of the day!)

i've embroidered this piece free hand based on my sketches, as opposed to first inking my design on the canvas

the leaves will be three dimensional wool and cotton hand stitched, in shades of soft blues and greens

once completed, this fiber and textile piece will be backed with wool and mounted on the vintage metal embroidery hoop, ready for hanging or propped in a cozy corner

i was inspired to create a new tree on canvas, after coming across this old sketch of a tree i did for one of my theatre design classes back in college... the structure of a tree is a recurring theme in my work, whether in my soft sculptures or in my wall art. every spring i'm sure to feel the surprising wonder of a bare winter tree with the first soft hints of color

i really could arrange and photograph fabrics in harmonious colors and prints all day long!
oh, and shopping for new (or often vintage actually, but new to me!) fabrics, or happily finding a package of fabrics awaiting me in the mail... there are no words! i have several new fabrics making their way to me right now, which have already inspired many new ideas. can't wait to hold them in my hands so that i may begin stitching them into new forms!

you can see more images of this work in progress on my flickr page

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