Monday, January 18, 2010

rain, fog, quiet

so many plans this weekend... replaced by the quiet of the rain and fog. instead, i've been enjoying sewing in the coziness of my home... what a beautiful light the misty clouds cast

finished a new wool and cotton tree:


i decided to pull out my scanner this weekend as well, and after a year and a half of not working... voila! so, as a result, boxes of photos were also pulled out. i found the image of me at age three, riding a horse... remembering in wonderment how small i was when i began to ride. i then came across this image of my grandpa walker, who i unfortunately never knew as he died before i was born. we walker's have been put on horses as soon as we can walk for quite some time now (and taught how to hold those reins!). also found this image, below, of my great-grandmother (on the left), riding in wyoming

now i realize how many years have gone by since i've been on a horse... makes me long for a ride. something to plan for this spring, perhaps!

hope everyone had a pleasant weekend


The Cupcake Goddess said...

These are such beautiful photos! I love that you ride horses! It sounds so romantic and wild. Beautiful post! I hope you get a ride this Spring.

Cary Walker said...

wow, i haven't see those?!

katy said...

they were in the walker photo album i have... i've been scanning them all onto the computer to make a disc for you ;)
(so glad it didn't get lost in the move!! next time my albums will all be traveling personally with me!)