Sunday, January 24, 2010

breathe sweet loveliness...

oh, i'm in love with this decorative shelf from cox & cox (via loveology). yesterday's post brought some much needed personal fashion inspiration... so today i thought i would share a bit for the home

about a year ago, i purchased a lovely assortment of small pieces of vintage wallpaper, which have been sadly stashed away until they find the perfect piece in which to breathe sweet loveliness

perhaps you've seen me, carefully scouring the local thrift stores, imagining, dreaming of what these set aside, lonely pieces can become. i recently found some lovely vintage wooden wall sconces and small kitchen shelf, which, after being painted in lovely soft hues and sanded a bit, have given my rooms a breath of fresh air (all, including paint and vintage plates/teacups/trinkets for shelf decoration, for under $10!... can you tell i love a bargain too). but i'm still searching for a lovely large piece, such as this one from cox & cox, to really do my wallpaper (and assortment of vintage china) justice

here are some lovely vintage wallpapers i found on etsy:

1 ~ blue flock, from paintchipdiaries

2 ~ rolls of vintage wallpaper, from twoartdirectors

3 ~ scenic wallpaper, from lynn101

4 ~ shimmering leaves, from gingerscraps

5 ~ paisley, from nostalgictreasures

6 ~ blue roses, from craftvintage

happy decorating!


Kristin Ann said...

Oh the shelf is lovely! I understand about waiting for that perfect time and situation for using something special you find. I do the same with my fabrics!

katy said...

oh i know... i'm such a fabric hoarder ;) always telling myself i buy these lovely fabrics for my work, but then i find it so hard to cut them up and part with them!