Friday, January 22, 2010

petal cottage

new soft house... 'petal cottage', originally designed and carefully hand stitched

created using a combination of hand-dyed wool and fine linen/cotton fabric (see post below!), meticulously sewn together with my own two hands, a needle, and thread. twisting vines and flowers creeping around the cottage door all hand embroidered... with a secret petal door handle

the four large flower petals, which make up the roof of the cottage, have been created using a very thick blue felted wool, intricately stitched onto this lovely embroidered linen/cotton fabric

the entire piece stands 10" tall, has been firmly filled with wool, and is initialed on the bottom


handmade charlotte said...

sooooooooo sweet! i want to live inside petal cottage!

katy said...

thanks, rachel! that was my dream as a child... to shrink up so that i could fit into a tiny little house... so now i have to settle for making them instead ;)
how are you doing!