Tuesday, February 16, 2010

vintage finds...

another week, another great haul at the thrift and antique stores!  my sis and i went on another thrifting adventure yesterday, taking advantage of the holiday (my brother-in-law was home and able to take the kids!) and half-price monday at one of our favorite stores

the gray planter above came from kudzu, the fabulous (and insanely) large antique market around the corner.   this will pair nicely with the round planter i picked up last year, while thrifting! think i'll try to find a nice succulent for this planter

is it really possible to ever have enough planters?  not for me... just waiting for some warm weather, so i can make another trip to the garden center to fill these lovelies

... a sweet, framed h.b. ziegler print of hampton court palace

...and, so excited to find this american tourister carry-on (i've been on the look - out for a good carry-on for several months)

grand total, for two vintage planters, a framed print, a vintage american tourister bag (oh, and a cute skirt and a pair of jeans!) ~  $15... that's my kind of thrifting


californiablue said...

Wow - what amazing finds! I totally want to check out my thrift shops now :) I especially love the planters.

Cary Walker said...

i love that bag... and that pic. wish i had seen it first:)

katy said...

oh there are such great finds at the thrift stores! it's amazing what people get rid of, but i guess we all get tired of our things now and then ;)

cary, see i knew you would hate me for taking the pic! ;)

handmadecharlotte said...

i love this post!

DEK said...

WOW!! What great finds ... I have to hang out with you when you shop!