Sunday, August 30, 2009

vintage finds

my sister and i hit up the thrift and vintage markets yesterday, in search of some good bargains... i of course found way to many ;)

found wonderful vintage pieces at kudzu, a local antique market (i live only a few minutes from here... this may prove to be dangerous!)... of course many were out of my price range, but i did find three or four wonderful deals, including this lovely vintage yellow metal picture frame

we moved on to a local thrift store, where i was thrilled to find this vintage round footed pottery bowl... i've been searching for one to use as a planter for a while now... love the soft color

well, it will eventually become a planter, for today it is currently in use as tula's latest toy ;)

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Cary Walker said...

y cats found the baskets particularly fun:)

you were on the front page of etsy today!

i'll blog your giveaway too.

Lynsi said...

The kitty is too cute ! Great photo!!

- Lynsi

Alicia Istanbul said...

I loved scrolling down and seeing your precious kitty in that bowl :)

katy said...

thanks... she is pretty cute... although a bit of a trouble maker too!

Christie Cottage said...

Oh I love finding vintage bargains! Flea markeets and auctions are a fave thing of mine.

Thanks for posting on my Blog Blast thread!

I will be following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!