Friday, February 5, 2010

'arbol del amor (tree of love)'...

new fiber/textile mixed media piece... 'arbol del amor (tree of love)'

i happened upon this name, a nickname the spanish gave to the european redbud for its edible pink flowers and heart shaped leaves... also commonly referred to as the judas tree, believed to be the tree judas hanged himself from after betraying Christ (although the bible says it was a fig tree). an interesting combination... love in different forms

i've intricately hand embroidered the tree trunk, with vintage cotton thread, and stitched the antique embroidered doily onto this striped linen/cotton

looks lovely hanging together, or with the larger piece propped or hanging, while the smaller piece rests lying below... or in any way your imagination leads you

two pieces of the whole... finding one another to connect the 'arbol del amor', the tree of love


DEK said...

Beautiful Katy!

katy said...

thanks! ;)

Cary Walker said...

love it!

katy said...

thanks ;)
can't wait to see your new animals!