Thursday, February 18, 2010

inspiration on a thursday...

"a ruffled mind makes a restless pillow" ~ charlotte brontë

in need of some serious bedroom inspiration, for my bedroom has fallen flat... well, i haven't really put much work into it since moving in.  i have a few great vintage pieces... an antique green iron bed, my grandfather's old war trunk, a vintage 1940's dresser, a 1920's dressing table, but i need to pull them all together with a bit of color.  and, oh, the walls!  they are as bare as can be... they are crying out for pictures, art, shelves of books

so, today i thought i would share a few inspiring bedroom photos, as i begin the decorating journey for this room. this is an eclectic grouping of beautiful bedroom designs... and, since i am an eclectic type of girl, i hope to take bits of inspiration from each to create my own design and style

(via loveology)

(via casasugar)

(via decorpad)

(via skona hem)

i've been hanging some images, dried flowers, vintage pieces, etc. on twine in order to throw a bit of color onto the walls for the present and to give me inspiration for where i want to take my design

i really want to paint the dresser (currently white with glass knobs) a luscious shade of blue/gray... finding the exact color i desire always takes a bit of time

and new bed linens always help spruce up a room... i thinks something with a nice print will pair well with the iron bed

well, for now i'm off to complete more mundane tasks like laundry :(


Cary Walker said...

i love the clothes line! i was totally thinking i would steal that idea before i realized that was your pic!! beautiful! your room looks so much better than mine:)

katy said...

i was just careful to only take pictures of little bits of the room! the big picture is still a mess, but the clothes line definitely helped give life to that wall (although tula has been eyeing it, so we'll see if i can keep her from jumping up there!)

The Cupcake Goddess said...

I loved the twined clothesline as well! I recently had to overhaul my bedroom as well. I can't even tell you how much more wonderful it "feels" just to be in the room. I can not wait to see your beautiful finish! Lovely inspiration!

Laura said...

Well, your bedroom already has good "bones", and you are so artistic, so I know it will be beautiful.