Thursday, February 4, 2010

inspiration on a thursday...

above images by photographer anja frers

traveling the web with my fingers and eyes, on this rainy georgia thursday... admiring these images of beauty from talents in photography and art

such inspiring works stimulate my own brain, shooting sparks down my arms and into my hands... encouraging my fingers to create

above images by artist david graeme baker

love how the above images of the women lying down, although in different mediums, echo one another... baker's paintings capture a snapshot of time, realistic with dreamlike qualities... the same can be said of frers' photography

above images by photographer rodney smith

and no one can create scenes of elegance like photographer rodney smith... each photograph carries you twisting away from reality and into a daydream


Emily said...

gorgeous! thanks for sharing :-)

Cary Walker said...

oh i love those paintings!!

katy said...

aren't they incredible! would love to see his work in person