Monday, February 8, 2010

just one? not a chance...


contemplating, today, the irony of these lists of 'flickr favorites' and 'etsy favorites' for a person who is in no way, shape, or form a 'favorites' type of person... never have been, and most likely never will be. inevitably, i will inwardly cringe when someone asks me what my favorite movie, book, music, show, etc., etc., etc. is. (sorry if i occasionally let a sigh or eye roll slip when these questions are asked). as someone who is not really a definitive decision maker, asking me to pick out the very, very best of all possible choices? not gonna happen ;) (seeing the top five favorite lists the etsy featured sellers must complete makes me a little panicky in itself! i know i would be unable to complete this task, and therefore would be fired from being an etsy featured seller before it was ever put in print)

now, i know those things which fill me with joy, make me smile, make me cringe (see above!), make me inhale a wonderfully deep breath that forces me to stop and feel each heartbeat, make my stubborn temper finally burst open and cause my head to explode. but, i can not and will not narrow each down to only one. perfectly happy to make a decision in the now... it just may change a bit tomorrow. so, i believe this may be exactly why i do go about creating these lists. never do i have to pick out ten favorite favorites of all time, lock them up, and throw out the key. instead, anything that makes my heart sing, brings tears down my cheek, forces a loud bahahahahaha (that was for you cary) out of my mouth, will always have a place on these ever changing and rotating lists.

today, i will share some of these flickr lovelies, each depicting a few of the many things in life that fill me with happiness ;)

(links to all of these flickr images can be found on the bottom of the post)


endless, somersaulting, bigger than life imagination


needle and thread in fingers... stitching together a story, an emotion, a fantasy
(well, i suppose this was an obvious one)


juicy, sour lemons... sneaking away as a child to eat them after my mom told me my teeth were sure to fall out if i did (they didn't)


breakfast, anytime of day, the bigger the better


flying within my dreams


warm sun closing a day of new memories


the birth of new life, and hope, for a species so endangered

happy monday


Cary Walker said...

number 2 reminds me of someone... bahahaha;)

katy said...

that was my first thought when i saw it too... i have a feeling those two would get along well ;)

Megs said...

i'm with you on that one... i can never just choose one favorite - it is impossible! i'm terrible at making decisions in general.

love your collection of photos. and your poetic prose :)

katy said...

oh, i know... i tend to way over think decisions in general. at least the small, silly decisions in life... the big ones i tend to just make up my mind and dive right into!
i'm glad there is someone else who can't ever choose a favorite either ;)

handmade charlotte said...

i love number 6! yeah!

katy said...

i know, that one's crazy! (i want to know how she did it!)