Monday, February 15, 2010

push, pull, and spin me round...

on the line,  thisvintagechica

while the weather may have different ideas (six inches of snow in atlanta... in february... gasp!!! what were you thinking mother nature!), the internal clock is beginning the pull into spring conflict... one i face every twelve months... warming air whispering my name to come play outside, fighting against that irksome need to nest and clean and prepare my home for a new beginning...

(all photography found via flickr... click on links to view each lovely picture and amazing photographer)

born again,  poveralice

side one: the swaying branches, teasing, beckoning, tempting my feet to skip into the sun drenched air

v-day,  soulyluna

side two:  arranging, gathering, collecting, nestling everything together in perfect harmony

untitled,  little seedlings

side one:  sweeping me up, floating in a warm bath of calming, wondrous, breathe to fill me up springtime breeze

couch,  little love blue

side two:  soft light of the afternoon sun, pulling my newly bare legs back for a couch respite, and the crisp pages of a new story

untitled,  . marie

side one:  a throw open the window, curtains fluttering, hopeful new garden planters kind of morning

side two:  the endless winter buildup and waiting household projects nudging my sensible (and often bothersome) side, impatiently tapping their feet for me to finish before i move on to new adventure


Cary Walker said...

oh, i am so ready for spring. to be able to throw open the doors... and throw those cute little ones out of it! ugh.

katy said...

me too... i just keep writing about it in hopes it will make it come all that much faster! and, at least this year you know you will have the playset to tempt them out of doors this spring!