Wednesday, June 23, 2010

waking dreams...

oh, the magic captured by photographer tim walker... no relation (well, as far as i know anyway)

it is as if he reaches a white glove into the recesses of our collective imagination, rooting around for every last morsel... those detailed bits that so vividly appear in the dream state, but are inevitably lost to the waking self.  we are left with only vague recollections and the taste of the majesty of this fantasy world.  yet, tim walker seems to snap pictures of the mind, giving us a joyful, giggling glimpse into these evasive lands

enjoy the adventure!

walker is set to make his first short film, 'the lost explorer.'  a story of a young girl "who discovers an explorer camping at the bottom of her garden"... oh, i can only imagine  { via }


Anonymous said...

These are some very cool pictures. Very artistic & creative. :)

Meg said...

love the whimsical quality of these!!

Jenny said...

Thank you so much for sharing! Lovely pictures all of them.

TheSingingBird said...!