Friday, June 11, 2010

summer at sea...

beginning work on a new collection (in between a few custom orders), 'summer at sea'... little bits of ocean lovelies washed into the woodlands of the hollow, to create sweet new partnerships

just listed the first in the series, this pretty little shellgiving a home to willow branches, moss, and bits of sea glass

oh, the delightful scent of a shell... opening the senses instantly to that distant sea.  even those shells that have moved with me from home to home, and state to state, still retain the heavenly aroma... with bits of sand and sea rock forever tucked inside

those endless days of beach exploration, during both my childhood in california and my time in college in north carolina, left me with quite a large collection of gifts from the ocean... shells of all shapes and sizes. shark teeth. sea glass. conch and skate egg cases. barnacles left abandoned on the beach by former tenants...

what fun to comb through this collection, looking for those perfect pieces to compliment bits of textile botany.  opening a jar of shells and salty smells and soft sand pooled at the bottom

makes for both a wave of joyful memories and a yearning desire to return, as if the sea calls me by name.  

fortunately, i will be tasting that salty air in a few weeks time, for a week of seaside holiday

i've also had fun taking some inspiration shots, building ideas visually for new pieces


tula had an equally productive day of testing out the capabilities of the newest chair in the living room (after somehow adorning herself in the morning with this rubber band necklace)...

a chair left abandoned and destined for the landfill.  just in need of a bit of love...

( before )

a work in progress (i know, i know.  it's impressive that i'm actually attempting to accomplish something on my home to-do list!).  new paint and fabric...


good spot to keep the birds and trees in view?  


acceptable napping conditions?  


all in all, an exhausting bit of work

(inevitably followed by a disdainful look thrown my way, which translates to a huffy "your welcome")

happy friday


Cary said...

so pretty!

love Tula's necklace, she has style!

Lyn said...

What alovely post, Tula seems to appreciate the work on the chair!