Monday, June 21, 2010

summer solstice...

 i'm living vicariously through the lovely closets of etsy, on this morning of the solstice... imagining throwing open the closet doors in the mornings, in giddy anticipation of the pretty dresses awaiting me for the new day.  so, today i'm sharing a bit of a bonus shopping list for the week

as the summer season approaches each year, i look forward to tossing aside the pants and pulling on the dresses (here in hot and humid atlanta, this occurred several months ago!).  while summer shorts come in handy for certain adventures, i admit to taking advantage of wearing breezy slip on dresses, jumpers, and skirts as often as possible throughout the sultry months

and a no-hassle, one-piece, slip-on, molds-to-your-body-in-all-the-right-places (while still allowing a comfortable amount of room for my stomach to enjoy all the abundant deliciousness of summer produce) kind of dress just makes me step through my day with a bit more cheer

the only draw back of these skin baring clothes is that i tend to be too self critical of my body (i guess so many of us are).  and, of course, there is also the fact that i really hate to exercise in any form that does not unknowingly sneak in while i'm distracted by some fun adventure

 but this year i'm making the decision to concentrate on the parts of my body that i do like, and i'm learning to love them, and i'm allowing myself a bit of confidence in showcasing those parts... why not!  i imagine looking back at my body through the eyes of my future self, helping me to see how silly my physical insecurities really are

so, off i wander to enjoy the delightfulness of pretty summer wares!

white dress, by yuan123

fleur's play suit, by nadinoo

rainbow magic, from veravague

tea dress, by sohomode

vintage yellow romper, from secretlake

happy monday and summer solstice


Unknown said...

beautiful finds katy! i would be thrilled to open my closet doors and find all these lovelies! i really love the pink party dress and the tea dress - so, so pretty.

happy first day of summer!

Nadinoo said...

Hello there Katy!

Many thanks for including Nadinoo in your lovely Etsy finds.

Will be back soon to check out your pretty blog.

Love Nadinoo x

georgina said...

Oh wow. You have found some stunning pieces. all with amazing photography.
that romper is just gorgeous.

Unknown said...

wow love the new banner, and that first blue dress is stunning very inspirational as per usual

Littlebee said...

beautiful collection! ♥

Under The Root said...

your finds are so very precious, and look at all these artists, absolutely magikal images! i am so thankful you collect the fantastical and honored to be here among your world.