Monday, June 28, 2010

'tenure of trepidation'...

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'tenure of trepidation'

take me away from this place of hesitation.

 a fevered tenure of immovable fingers and limbs tightly wound around the organs, pulsing the very blood it feeds upon.  uproot me by the toes to wrench away that fear, for how it clutches to the familiarity.


can it be that such a weakness conjures this determined strength?
the voice with which i call must resonate internally for your hearing, however lost it may become in travels to my lips.

"let go",

a shouted plea in the very moment my eyes happen upon the hands in startled realization.


it was never you, dear friend, dear enemy, but always me.   how easily the mind forgets the process and mechanics, simple signal to the muscles... an opening of the fingers to let the diffidence slip through.

yes, i know,

as a mother to her egg, so too i guard this trepidation.
caressing, feeding, nurturing that harborer of self inflicted pain.   
continually searching for a crevice for careful footing.  

can i fly

into the rock, simply to feel the ricocheted flight into no man's land.   there are no wings to guide the way back here, to that trembling granite of intimidation.

take me away from this place of hesitation  
let go    
yes, i know  
can i fly?

we'll never know until that wind whistles beneath.


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