Sunday, June 20, 2010

saturday shopping list - (on a sunday) june 20th

"there's a magical tie to the land of our home, which the heart cannot break, though the footsteps may roam."  ~   eliza cook

here we go again... another 'saturday shopping list' on a sunday.  i must admit that i really had not a thing going on yesterday.  the list just simply didn't cross my mind until this morning!  

perhaps my mind was simply in resting mode yesterday... after spending the three previous days taking care of my seven year old nephew and four year old niece.  three wonderful days filled with farmer's market trips, morning swimming adventures, swing set soaring, silly 'sorry' game playing, ice cream making, and 1, 326 book readings, to name just a few of our activities ;)

my niece is beginning to discover the fun of her growing hair, and had very specific directions each day as to the styling. 

 her reply, after spying herself in the mirror on the last day?  "i really look like i'm in college, don't i"... so matter of fact.  there was no denying it.  yes, i think 'four going on twenty' is an accurate description of my niece ;)  she had me capture the overall elegance of her ensemble with my camera phone (as i once again managed to leave my camera at home)

(her subtle arm placement to get her bracelet in prominent position)

she must have asked my nephew 47 times a day if he noticed her grown up hair style, while waving her head in his face.  such a good big brother he is... he simply sighed and replied 'yes, i know, sidney' each and every time.

okay, back to the shopping list:

8x12 soul, by f2images

merriment banner vintage, by corrieberrypie

vintage porcelain pheasant, from brightwallvintage

cimarosa smock, by makool

lolita necklace, by prettythingsbymeg


f2images said...

Thank you for including my print here. I adore that jumper!!!! Such a great selection!

Emiko :)

Maven said...

Hey, thanks for including the nesting pans! Your readers jumped right on that :).

supayana said...

Hi! Wow, great picks! Truly honored to be a part of it.

vildan said...

Hello Katy,

What a beautiful selections! I love it!! Thank you so much for the featuring my bag on your wonderful blog!!!


Cary said...

ha! missed this one. definitely 4 going on 20. yesterday she told kyle something, and said "i know because i'm an expert". oh boy, she is an expert at everything.