Thursday, June 3, 2010

'im gonna make it better'...

combining a bit of 'thursday inspiration', 'flickr lovelies', and 'listening' into this post... a little tribute to the loveliness that is 'she & him'

{ all of these flickr lovelies were found using the search term "she him"... click on the links to see each capture on flickr }

"well i'm back in your good graces again

remember when you told me that i was your only friend?

well you've made the best of this life

where you never knew one day from the next

dig your heels in, little girl, put 'em to the test

you've got to be kind to yourself

you've got to be kind to yourself

well i heard you had the blues again

it seems like all those things add up

in the end

well i know that you worry a lot about

things you can't control

there are so many things we'd like to have

but we just cannot hold"  

~  lyrics by zooey deschanel ('me and you', from 'she & him volume 2' )

... and one of my favorite captures, a picture of my great-grandmother elizabeth, which i thought fit quite well (and, no, this is not my great-grandfather, but some previous beau!)  ;)

happy thursday 


Shaylynn said...

I am absolutely in love with she & him.. and your blog as usual:)

Cara-TheBeadStorm said...

Wow, I bet that took a lot of work and time to put that post together, great job!

katy said...

thanks so much... i really could listen to she & him all day long (and often do!)

Cary Walker said...

love that last photo (all of them really)... i can see the spitfire that my little sidney elizabth got:)