Thursday, April 1, 2010

work in progress...

working to finish this textile succulent (hand stitched in linen and wool) in a vintage japanese bud vase... hope to have this piece ready for listing this weekend ;)

and, for another more personal work in progress... my bedroom 

my sister surprised me with this beautiful junecraft banner... what a delight to receive an unexpected gift in the mail!  and what a delight to wake up to this cheerful sight in the morning

i've also found a lovely new shade for my dresser... now i just need to purchase the paint and get busy!


kendall.micayla said...

its beautiful!the petals are so pretty and the print/colors of the fabric you used are gorgeous.

Cary Walker said...

i absolutely love that!! what a beautiful idea. i totally want one:)

glad you like the banner, it looks pretty!