Wednesday, March 31, 2010

whilst i wait...

hmmm, sorry for the lack of posting this past week.  

how long i've been waiting for, anticipating, the start of spring.  spring's promise arrived, but now it seems that i'm turning round and round to find pieces in a state of waiting all around me... pots waiting for flowers, flowers waiting for pots, both waiting for soil.  newly bared toes waiting for a bit of polish, bits of home waiting for spring renewal.  

mother nature will not wait.  the light flies through the window, the bird's call and spring breeze are carried through the open door.  the world goes on around me whilst i wait.  

i should wait no more, but dig my fingers into the soil... carry on with the world and let the world wash down upon me... whatever it may bring

1 comment:

Cary Walker said...

i love your photos, they are getting better every week:)