Tuesday, April 6, 2010

farming in georgia...

as the weather warms, i'm looking forward to really beginning a new season of exploration around georgia... it has now been a year since i moved from new york (hard for me to believe).  and, somehow, in that year, i've still not visited the beautiful and historical city of savannah.  the above picture is incentive enough for me to change that status pronto!

but, for today, we will keep the adventure a bit more local... a trip to mcdaniel farm park, for roaming, picnicking, and nature exploring.  while tucked in so close to the bustle of atlanta, this farmland turned state park retains the farmhouses, outbuildings, and farm equipment... a fun, new exploration with my sister, nephew, and niece.  i am placing my camera in my bag right now so that i will not forget it this trip (after i first untangle the kitty, who appears to be thoroughly trapped in a ball of embroidery thread)

in the meantime, i hope you enjoy these beautiful farm inspired flickr lovelies... i could crawl into any one of these pictures and live a blissful life

(click on each link below the captures to see these beautiful photographs on flickr and to see more work from each inspiring photographer)


from me to you said...

thanks for the photo boost, i love the other images of the farm, it makes me soooo excited for summer

katy said...

i'm in love with both your work and photography! so much so that i just had to write a whole post on both ;)