Tuesday, April 20, 2010

dances in molecules...

a soul which dances in the molecules, soaring on waves of energy... never contained by the earthly body

oh, how this soul delights in the literal touch ~ 

rain drops rolling across the nerve endings of skin

heart pumping, lungs expanding to keep pace with the legs' out of control journey downhill

the subtle hint of flavor on tongue, and of life cycling through the marrow of this energy vessel 

and that sweet embrace of love... souls meeting in a dance of tangled limbs, intoxicating smiles, aroma of young life

the soul becoming so painfully filled, so dangerously testing the heart's beating and the waves of brain's limited space with emotional exultation.  too much.  the soul bursts forth... a peter pan flight of happy thoughts soaring in sweet release from the container.  holding on to the memory of the senses... of touch and smell and voice meeting ears

this soul can float on this pocket of bliss, so long as it avoids that temptress of physicality.  but, like an addict to their drug, we crave more.  for this is life.  this is the miracle body that proffers our soul this journey

the never ending work of cells.  so desperately holding on to time for a soul which only knows the boundaries of such mundane notions while spending time here on land.  for as we humans live on after gifts of love and glass and fruit whither or break, carrying the memory rather than the physical object, so too does the soul

floating forever on the ecstasy of each second's mortal memory

(click on each link below the captures to see these flickr lovelies and more work from each amazing photographer)


Cary said...

beautiful... and i love the poem. what is it from?

katy said...

thank you ;)

the poem was one i wrote this morning... it seemed to match well with the photos i had planned for this post today, so i thought i should combine the two. hopefully the words do the photography justice!

Cary said...

katy it is really beautiful... beyond words, beautiful.

SImple and Serene Living said...

As always, you are amazing.