Sunday, April 25, 2010

'handed plea'...

'handed plea'

here we stand on this perilous rock.  
change shifting beneath the soles, 
spinning in forever chaos

( grasp, by b*wag )

our print upon a world of connected tissue.  
an unstoppable progression, 
oscillating in our hands 
here we float... 
a careening pull around the middle, 
tumble to the parallel path.  
and again.  oh, once again. 
please, not again

my back turned, eyes closed, 
body bent into your inevitability 
my power to break free from fated destination, 
carrying this earth down an avenue of my own making, 
however fleeting. 
a forever place in time.  a history made

that's done.  can't take me back.  
carry me up by my wrists, if you must... 
risk dislocating my will.  
a shadow through the fingertips. 
a cannon release.  can't push me into yesterday

and again.  oh, please again
you've pulled too far.  
impatience leaving the land open to our conscience.  
a moral seed to plant and sow.  
harvested for tomorrow's dance with lava flow and breaking ice.
tormented by eyes on the edge of extinction, 
we heed the evening bell's call.
fingers intertwined. a swinging bridge of hope for carried promise.  
a burden our backs will bear

 ( mountain gorilla hand, by )

( click on the links below the captures to see each flickr photograph, along with more work from each inspiring photographer)

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