Thursday, April 8, 2010

out of doors...

taking advantage of this deliciously warm georgia spring, by moving my workspace out of doors and onto the covered deck... here you will find me most days, enjoying the delights of nature; the birds' calls,  swaying pine trees, the breeze on my skin... as i busily stitch away on new spring creations. 

 a tall perch... my own little fort amongst the trees. refreshingly cool on the warm days

the table and yellow chair were both thrifting finds (the other wooden chair was a side of the road find this week... needs a bit of tlc, but already hard at work showcasing new flowers and plants).  the beautiful stained glass window was a gift from my mom several years ago

the local nursery was having spectacular deals on annuals this week... and, on my way out into the greenhouse, i was forced to pass this sweet succulent, which somehow made it into my basket!  

this lovely birdhouse from farmer d organics is made of all natural materials (love the coconut roof)... trying to tempt the birds of the woods behind my house to visit me in my little enclave

the local community garden is having a plant sale this week... perfect timing, as i prepare my herb garden for the summer.  would love to try some tomatoes this year as well (as well as trying my hand at canning for next winter)

next on my list?  a few hanging plants, a curl up and read a book chair, and a sprinkling of lazy afternoons 

happy gardening!


Cary Walker said...

looks beautiful and very inviting:)

Laura said...

Looks wonderful.

katie trott said...

I love your white pots!

katy said...

thanks so much ;) i'm definitely enjoying the outdoor space... just finished planting the eggplant and tomato plants, as well as the herbs. determined to grown some of my own food this year in my little outdoor space!